Night Fox – Comic Post #072: At Least There Were Pancakes

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.



I’ve totally never done something like this to avoid having to interact with people… Toooooooootally have never done this before, no sirree bob… *cough* 18 times *cough* *cough*

My absolutely infallible denial aside, it has come to my attention that Halloween is coming up soon. It has also come to my attention that my comic places heavy emphasis on the existence of spirits and the supernatural. And it has also been further brought to my attention that those things and Halloween apparently go hand and hand. And yet: I’ve got nothing special planned for the holiday! Anyways, I decided to remedy that by making another one of them art post I’ve been known to sporadically do in the past related to Halloween… Kind of. Now, the reason that I’m announcing that I’m doing this is, is that in case I get EXTREMELY lazy and not actually get something done by then, you people can hold me accountable for it. Seriously. Like, if that does happen, I want you people to get extremely disappointed with me.

Anyways, until then, I’ll see you next comic.


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