Night Fox – Comic Post #078: Introduction To Spirit Horticulture

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I’m sure not many of you were aware of the fact, that when I was first starting Night Fox as a web comic, I was on the third version of my script for it. The first version I had around 60 some odd pages of comic written before I had even started drawing anything for it. Unfortunately, due to a couple of stupid writing decisions I had made, (most notably, I felt it was a good idea to keep it a secret that Kitsiyuna was supposed to be a Spirit for the entirety of those 60 pages, so writing stuff for her was kind of EXTREMELY awkward) I decided to scrap the first draft. The second draft tried to cram too many of the plot points I had planned from the first draft in a much smaller span of time, so I gutted that attempt as well. It wasn’t until I decided to just wing what I was doing did I finally get something I was happy with. Of course, another problem those first two drafts had was how much I was front loading exposition and world building into the story, instead of spreading it out slowly and in more “natural-ish” manner. Of course, I’ve been planning this world since I was in 10th grade, so I didn’t want to give that stuff up completely. Because I’ve been doing the comic for a while now, I’ve been feeling more comfortable adding those little world building expositional moments back in to the story, particularly for this story arc. So, in case one of the characters goes into an expositional rant about how something works in the world of Night Fox, now you know why. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!

*Cough cough*

Anyways, I hope all of you guys enjoyed your Thanksgivings last week more than I did. While I was never really THAT big of a fan of it in the first place (the food that for some reason we all decided is mandatory to eat on the holiday is just THE WORST. Can’t stand turkey at all…), this year in particular was just… Not that good… Barely spent time with anyone in my family that I don’t already see on a regular basis, so the whole thing was just like any other family dinner… but with food that I cannot stand and a butt load more dishes to clean up afterwards. It felt like we all were just phoning it in this year. I mean, I know for a fact I was, because phoning it in is pretty much all I do in my life now… I mean, I was phoning it in so hard actually, I had forgot it was going to be Thanksgiving until like, the day before.  And then next month, we get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN for Christmas… I swear, once you get past a certain age, the end of the year holidays REALLY suck.

All of my cynicism aside, I’m still haven’t dropped the ball on these updates… Yet, anyways. Part of that is thanks to the fact that I didn’t realize how quickly I was going to be able to get around to doing post game training in Pokemon Moon. I heard so many people complaining about how bullshit the Battle Tree and Battle Royal could be (which, to be fair, they very much are), so I figured it would take a bit of grinding to get enough BP for a full set of Power items. Turns out that I ended up getting pretty lucky and I got that done a lot faster than I expected. And when I got that done, I quickly realized: a lot of the Pokemon teams I want to train wouldn’t be possible to set up until the Pokemon Bank launches next year. So I decided to slow down on the game until then.

That all being said, I still need to kill my bad habit of procrastinating writing the comic’s scripts. Like REEEEEEEEEEALLY badly… Like I need to straight up murder that bad habit because I still don’t have the ending to this segment of story written on paper yet. Well, typed up on Word, but you get the difference… At any rate, I’ve rambled long enough, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #077: Behavioral Observation

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News wise, the only thing I have to talk about really is the new Pokemon games… So I guess I’ll ramble on about that for a little bit…

I was playing Moon, and managed to beat it in about 4 days of playing it (I more or less cleared an island per day), which isn’t too surprising I guess as it was pretty much the only thing I was doing over the weekend. I have to say, while I do like a lot of things they did with the game, like a lot of the quality of life changes they did to stuff like HMs and memorizing the type chart, and especially what they ended up doing story wise, the general approach that GameFreak has been taking with the franchise with this game (and to the same extent, what they did with X and Y) by laser focusing on the nostalgia factor of Gen I might ultimately make me just give up on the series if the next generation isn’t capable of standing on its own (like how Gen V and III did things), or at the very least, adds a bunch of ACTUAL evolutions (none of this Mega Evolution, Z-Move, or Alolan Form stuff that are all kind of under developed) for older Pokemon that really need them (like what they did in Gen IV). Also, the SOS Battle mechanic is a fat load of BS. It’s completely random, makes it a pain to capture wild Pokemon, and made random encounters take way longer than they needed to a lot of the time. Why they couldn’t have stuck with something like the DexNav from ORAS to find Pokemon with hidden abilities is beyond me.What’s more, they’re a terrible replacement for Hoard Battles in regards to EV training Pokemon quickly. Still, credit where credit is due, they did at least make breeding much easier to do by making it easier to bulk hatch eggs… Two steps forward, and one step back I guess…


But yeah… I still think the game is worth playing, and if you’re not a long time player like I am, it will probably be that much better game to you. Might not be the best game to start with though if you’re new to the franchise, as it is definitely the hardest game in the series that I’ve played recently (Trainers use actual strategies and aren’t completely braindead! Who knew?). X and Y, or ORAS I would say are better places to start if you’ve never played a Pokemon game before.

Anyways, the post game for Moon might still end up occupying my time for the foreseeable future, so if the updates slow down, you’ll understand why: POOR TIME MANAGEMENT. At any rate, that’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about right now for the time being (I didn’t actually have to go in for jury duty, so I have nothing to really talk about there). So until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #076: Filling Out The Shopping List

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So Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out this Friday, a game which I intend to play religiously… If the updates just sort of start to “fall off” around that point, that’s probably going to be the reason why. I just want to say in advance that if that is the case, I regret nothing…

Anyways, I managed to avoid jury duty do far this week, which I consider a positive. I’ve also managed to muster up the willpower to type up some more comic scripts, which on a personal level, I find to be absolutely astounding… seeing as I generally procrastinate writing scripts until I have literally run out of them and have to have one ready for next week’s update. I’m not too worried about me losing my desire to keep working on the comic however… Motivation for me usually comes in cycles. I start off super eager and want to get as much done as I can. Then, a few weeks later, I would literally rather do actually nothing and be bored out of my mind than do something productive that eases the boredom. And then, I end up finding SOMETHING that manages to spark my interest again and I get fired up and ready to continue working. So basically, just have to wait for that spark of inspiration to keep me going.

At anyrate, I’m thinking I might “supplement” my comic posts with some of the other drawings I’ve been doing as I procrastinate doing comic work. I do feel like I should have something to show for all that time I waste. With all of that being said, I think I’m done here, and I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #075: Totally Not Flirting

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I like how when I first introduced Owen, it was at the beginning of the year as part of the New Years post I did. I remember saying that hopefully he would actually get to make his first proper appearance sometime this year. Not counting the two “filler” comics I did with him, I did not realize how freaking close to the cut off I was getting in that regard when his first proper in comic appearance wasn’t until November… And that is why I don’t plan on doing anymore long ass story arcs that will take more than 8 months to complete… (He says as he’s right in the middle of writing one that is probably going to go on until next year…)

Anywho, not much news wise. I may have to end up reporting for jury duty in the near future, but whether or not I actually have to has yet to be seen. Fingers crossed I don’t. Because even though I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, I know real life court proceedings are nowhere near as fun and entertaining as Capcom makes them out to be. At anyrate, I’m sure I’ll have some more actual news updates next week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox? – Comic Post #074: A “Quirky” Encounter

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And now for something completely different…

Fun fact time: These characters are not just random people I made for the sole purpose of Owen having weird people to interact with in this filler comic (yes I’m allowed to admit that I do filler crap). The 3 of them are actually supporting protagonists from another idea for a comic I had plans to maybe doing in the future if I ever got bored with Night Fox. While I don’t feel like diverging too much detail about this potential “other comic” right now (because that would involve lots of extra typing), I can at least tell you the characters full names. There’s Bonnie Sutherland and her younger brother Dannie, and then there’s the good doctor there, Doctor Clarissa Strangelove. And, I will say, the name Dr.Strangelove is actually meaningful in regards to the setting of this other comic. Make of that what you will, that little hint right there (My god is that a weird sentence…). Or don’t. I can’t force you people to care about these things after all. At any rate, you can probably expect me to post some more stuff about this other comic if I’m struggling to think of other things aside from the comic to post… Or if I just get bored…

And if I just get sick and tired of drawing Night Fox, you can probably expect me to put that on hold and get started on this new comic… (Most likely on a different site, cause WordPress is not the best place for web comics…at all). Any who, with all of that yammered out, I’ll see you next comic.