Night Fox – Comic Post #075: Totally Not Flirting

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


I like how when I first introduced Owen, it was at the beginning of the year as part of the New Years post I did. I remember saying that hopefully he would actually get to make his first proper appearance sometime this year. Not counting the two “filler” comics I did with him, I did not realize how freaking close to the cut off I was getting in that regard when his first proper in comic appearance wasn’t until November… And that is why I don’t plan on doing anymore long ass story arcs that will take more than 8 months to complete… (He says as he’s right in the middle of writing one that is probably going to go on until next year…)

Anywho, not much news wise. I may have to end up reporting for jury duty in the near future, but whether or not I actually have to has yet to be seen. Fingers crossed I don’t. Because even though I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, I know real life court proceedings are nowhere near as fun and entertaining as Capcom makes them out to be. At anyrate, I’m sure I’ll have some more actual news updates next week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


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