Night Fox – Comic Post #076: Filling Out The Shopping List

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


So Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out this Friday, a game which I intend to play religiously… If the updates just sort of start to “fall off” around that point, that’s probably going to be the reason why. I just want to say in advance that if that is the case, I regret nothing…

Anyways, I managed to avoid jury duty do far this week, which I consider a positive. I’ve also managed to muster up the willpower to type up some more comic scripts, which on a personal level, I find to be absolutely astounding… seeing as I generally procrastinate writing scripts until I have literally run out of them and have to have one ready for next week’s update. I’m not too worried about me losing my desire to keep working on the comic however… Motivation for me usually comes in cycles. I start off super eager and want to get as much done as I can. Then, a few weeks later, I would literally rather do actually nothing and be bored out of my mind than do something productive that eases the boredom. And then, I end up finding SOMETHING that manages to spark my interest again and I get fired up and ready to continue working. So basically, just have to wait for that spark of inspiration to keep me going.

At anyrate, I’m thinking I might “supplement” my comic posts with some of the other drawings I’ve been doing as I procrastinate doing comic work. I do feel like I should have something to show for all that time I waste. With all of that being said, I think I’m done here, and I’ll see you next comic.


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