Art Post – The Demon Keeper

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.

I’ve been mentioning that I’ve had these drawings done for a little while now at this point… Well, I decided to not really stress giving several page long expos on each character I’ve drawn here (as trying to come up with those is one of the biggest reasons why I’ve been putting off posting these), and finally just decided to post them all in one big bunch. I also decided to include some of the drawings I didn’t clean up of some of the characters here if the picture showed them in different poses or outfits, so you’ll have to excuse the quality of the drawings being a little inconsistent here.

This is Solomon “Sully” Faust, the main character for another story idea I had which I simply called “Demon Keeper Solomon”. He would begin his story enrolled as a student at a rather prestigious private academy, having started his enrollment at 7, which had been bought and paid for by his wealthy grandfather, his only living family member. Having never really been allowed to leave the school’s campus to visit the real world for 11 years  by order of his grandfather, supposedly for his own protection, Solomon grew up to resent his grandfather and his current situation. Solomon would eventually be given his opportunity however, as on the day the story proper would begin, he is approached by servants of his grandfather to inform him that his grandfather, Geist, had been murdered. Upon the reading of his grandfather’s will, he learns that he is to inherit Geist’s entire estate on two conditions: that he find the people responsible for his death, and also accept inheritance of his grandfather’s role of Demon Keeper. As Demon Keeper, it would be Solomon’s job to hunt down rogue demons in the human world and do one of two things with them: either take them in under his wing as one of his servants, in an attempt to “domesticate” them so that they pose no threat to humanity, or, should that not be possible, destroy them. Wanting to escape his old life, Solomon ends up reluctantly accepting his new role.

This is Lilith (ignore her rapier changing sides, I forgot that sheaths generally go on your left side when you’re right handed when I first drew her), a vampire servant employed by Solomon’s grandfather. On Geist’s passing, she, along with many of his other servants, swore allegiance to Solomon once he takes up his grandfather’s old mantle. She serves as Solomon’s right-hand man, helping him learn his duties while also assisting him in commanding his eventual army of demon servants. She presents herself as properly and cordially as possible, and is always as polite as she can be so that she can serve as a sort of role-model for Solomon’s other servants to follow… Though she does have a bad habit of drinking Solomon’s blood for fun and isn’t above making snide remarks at his mistakes. And even though she is undoubtedly Solomon’s most loyal servant, she has a very checkered past before working for Geist that she hasn’t told to either of them.

Baal Coloring

This is Baal, an ogre and former demon Overlord who ruled massive legions in the Demon World, now nothing more than a humble servant to Solomon. While originally a massive tyrant who ruled over entire chunks of the Demon World with an iron fist, when he ended up facing Geist in combat, he was so impressed with the human and his convictions, he willingly swore loyalty to him and disbanded his entire army, even though it ended up causing him to change into a far weaker form. Under Solomon’s command, he serves as his main bodyguard, and primary enforcer, punishing any new “recruits” who refuse to fall in line with Solomon’s orders. While he seems genuine in his loyalty, there are still old followers of his out there who think he was brainwashed into serving Geist, and would want nothing more than to bring back his old, all powerful, human-hating self.


This is Gretto, a very lazy and often times sleazy, kleptomaniac of an imp who also ends up serving Solomon. While he isn’t great at following orders, he does have an intense passion for stealing stuff. With the right kind of incentive however, like say, telling him to go somewhere where there might be something really valuable to steal, you can eventually coerce him into doing what you need him to do. The massive amount of stuff he ended up stealing over the years while working for Geist may be one of the reasons he had so much money to pass on to Solomon.

This is Izaria, a fallen angel who worked for Geist as a feeble way for her to feel like she can atone for her many grievous sins she feels she committed. Now, she works for Solomon, being wracked with guilt over failing to protect her old master from being murdered. While she has never said what she did that caused her to become a fallen angel in the first place, she assures everyone it is the most vile crime she could’ve ever committed and that she should feel nothing but pain and misery for the rest of her life because of it. She is essentially a giant masochist, only she draws no pleasure from her own self-flagellation. She takes it to such an extreme that she has forbidden herself from being able to smile… ever, and even though she knows healing magic, she won’t use it on herself unless explicitly forced to by Solomon. And even then, she uses a version of the magic only for herself that cures the injury, but does nothing to ease the actual pain. Needless to say, she has a lot of issues to sort out, considering when Solomon first took over his grandfather’s estate, she had chained herself up in the basement for a week without food as punishment for letting Solomon’s grandfather die.

These are Amalthea, or “Thea” (the older one) and Rosemerta, or “Rose” (the younger one),  two succubi sisters who now serve Solomon. While succubi are known for their ability to suck the life force from men by having sex with them, their working under Geist allowed them to reel in this dangerous behavior. Of course, the two of them are still prone to flirt with any men they see, which does occasionally come in handy when it comes to trying to win over new demons you just recruited against their will. Rose in particular ends up infatuated with Solomon when he takes over as her new master, with her forming a crush on him not unlike how a teenage girl would act toward a boy she likes. Solomon does not exactly reciprocate the feelings, but that does nothing to deter Rose. Because the two of them are, in their own words “lovers, not fighters” they mostly stay back at the mansion doing house work while Solomon and his other servants go hunt down other demons. Well, Thea does at least, being the one responsible for cooking for everybody else considering she’s the best at it. Rose on the other hand is far too energetic and accident prone and just ends up making things worse. Granted, Thea spaces out a lot on the job herself, but she is much better at not allowing it to cause issues.


This is Libraxx , an Orbrider demon who is yet another servant of Solomon’s. Being a massive bookworm, the amount of reading Libraxx does makes him one of Solomon’s most intelligent servants. And, as a result, has earned him the position of the mansion’s tome keeper, putting him in charge of Geist’s old collection of grimoires and spell books he accumulated over the years. So in other words, he’s essentially a librarian. He’s rather blunt, calculating, and is always ready to bad mouth his fellow servants when they screw up. Of course, considering he’s a pacifist for the most part (ie coward), he is quick to be chewed out when he’s an ass. Not even his own master is exempt from his callousness however, as he is very quick to point out when Solomon does something stupid and insult him for it. Overall, he is far less impressed with Solomon when he first starts out in comparison to his other servants, making Solomon wonder why he even stuck around after his grandfather died. The reason he decided to stick around despite his contempt for Solomon? So he can keep reading all of the books in the mansion’s library.

This is Priscilla “Cilla” Grants, a classmate of Solomon’s and his more or less girlfriend in all but name. Priscilla attended the same academy as Solomon, starting pretty much at the same time he did, and under similar circumstances as well. Her mother died in an accident under mysterious circumstances, and her father, Barton, felt the only way to keep the same thing from happening to her, was to keep her as far away from him as possible, hence him more or less exiling Priscilla to the school, the same as Solomon. It’s because the school was more or less a prison for the two of them that contributed to the two of them becoming such good friends in the first place. While growing up, Solomon would always come to her defense whenever someone bullied her about her father abandoning her, and anyone who threatened her, he would be sure to beat the crap out of. In exchange, Priscilla would help tutor Solomon because he was awful at studying, or makes meals for the two of them because Solomon couldn’t stand the school’s cooking. Basically, she did whatever she could to look out for him, considering he was always doing the same for her. When Solomon first starts investigating his grandfather’s death, he tries to keep her from getting wrapped up in the whole affair. Unfortunately for Solomon, Priscilla’s father is very much connected to the murder and his grandfather’s enemies…


And finally, this is Solomon’s grandfather himself, Geist Faust. While a legendary Demon Keeper in his time, his actions throughout his life had made him no shortage of enemies. While he would be dead by the time the story proper begins, his presence would still be a factor throughout the whole thing. Being that he wasn’t exactly the greatest care giver to him, Solomon is less than pleased about being compared to him all the time by his servants, and strives to become a better Demon Keeper than him, which is pretty much the only reason he decided to go through with investigating Geist’s death in the first place: to show that he’s better than him by beating his enemies he couldn’t. In addition, though he is dead, he still has a way to provide Solomon guidance from beyond the grave. Solomon’s Lemegeton, the book Solomon receives when he first becomes a Demon Keeper that allows him to control his servants in the first place, has Geist’s personality “programmed” into it as a sort of guide, helping Solomon out whenever he’s unsure of his duties, much to the chagrin  of Solomon himself.


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