Night Fox – Comic Post #082: No Heads, Only Tails

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So Christmas just sort of… happened. It wasn’t really anything special or eventful. Got mostly clothes. Which is good, because pretty much the only thing I asked for was clothes, so we’re all winners here.

Anyways, as of typing this, I’m still holed up in my brother’s apartment, watching his pets, with nothing too eventful on that front either. I also find it kind of funny where I found my priorities lie… You see, to pass the time, since I don’t really have much else I NEED to do, I’ve just been playing the video games they’ve got here. The funny part is, despite the fact that there’s both a Wii U and a PS4 here, two consoles I do not have back home, of which there are numerous games here that I have not played yet, I decided to spend the past week excessively stocking magic and playing Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII, which not only is a PS1 game that came out when I was 6, it is a game that I’ve already beaten a couple of times that I can play back at home with absolutely no difficulty. At all. Just gotta turn on my PS3, and be like “ah, there it is”. But, it is my favorite Final Fantasy (it was the first one we ever owned and we did get it as a Christmas present, I think, and if you want to tell me it sucks, I’ll f***ing fight you mate), so that might’ve been a bit of a factor in me playing it. All that matters is that I’m still having fun with the game. Which I am. Because again, it’s my favorite in the series.

Also, “Force Your Way” is like the best boss battle music in the entire series, with “The Extreme” being the best final boss music in the series as well. AND IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME, AGAIN, I WILL F***ING FIGHT YOU MATE!

At any rate, enough ranting over a 17 year old game. I’ll see you next comic.


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