Night Fox – Comic Post #086: Living With A Shadow Overhead

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This and the next comic were originally both going to be just one comic, but I decided against that when I realized how much freaking dialogue that would be all in one comic, and split the two up. What can I say? Tenebrae is a fairly verbose fellow after all…

…Unlike me this week, as I don’t really have much I want to type up. I did just get paid for the first time for the new job that I’m currently working from home, so that’s kind of exciting… $400 for about a month’s worth of work, so, that’s all right I suppose. I’m also being slightly inconvenienced by allergies which have given me a mild chronic cough which has been going on for about a month now… I still “healthy” (as healthy as I was before I got the cough), but my god is it really freaking annoying to break out into coughing fits multiple times a day. But aside from that, not much else going on in my life that I care to bother you guys with. And I didn’t really want to bother you with those two things in the first place… (I mean really, who uses their personal blog to talk to strangers on the Internet about what’s going on in their life? Real weirdos, that’s who…)

The anniversary drawings are about 64% done by this point, which I suppose is on schedule at my current rate, though I still haven’t completely finished any of the other drawings yet. Let’s just say I’ve been holding off a little bit on finishing the shading because I feel like it can take a fairly long time. I guess it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t procrastinating doing something easy, yet time consuming that I really shouldn’t be holding off on doing… Anyways, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #085: Bleeding Outta Here

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Poor Ripper… Won’t someone out there come and, give him a hand? Ahahahahahahahahaha *slams head on desk because that joke was awful and deserves physical pain for writing it*

I do have some good news. I actually was able to brainstorm quite a few ideas for some future comics. Because for the time being, I’ve been sort of veering away from the longer story arcs like the nearly year long “Paper Saga” I did last year, the comics that are coming up are going to feature more arcs like this one, that are only like a couple of weeks long and a few more quick one of comics. I did look back over some of the older comics I first did, and while the art really was lacking back then, I actually think I enjoyed how I approached writing Alex and Kitsiyuna more back in the comic’s early days. To me, I felt like I was able to make them a lot more comical back then because I wasn’t really trying to tell a coherent narrative and was more focused on just letting the characters be themselves. Which is ultimately why I’m going to try to do more one off comics in the future, because you don’t really have to advance the plot with those ones, which gives you more room to just let the characters do dumb and entertaining stuff.

Also, in regards to the anniversary post, I’ve worked out a bit of a “progress bar” to figure out how much work I still need to get done on it. I essentially figured that I was doing 6 drawings in about 4 “phases” each. The phases being physically sketching the drawing, redoing the sketches’ outlines digitally, filling in the outlines in with color, then finally adding all of the shading in. So, I basically figured I had 24 steps to get done, plus an additional 1 of putting all of the drawings together, so 25 steps total. I’ve gotten 10 steps done at this point (with all but 1 drawing actually drawn, 1 drawing completely done, and 1 that just needs shading), so converted to percentage, that’s about 40%. Considering I’ve got a little bit over a month to get the rest done, I think I’m fairly well on track to getting the thing completed in time…

Which is why I’m going to be very ashamed of myself if I don’t actually finish the thing in time, so let’s just hope I don’t get THAT lazy come February… Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say, so I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #084: All Of The Questioning

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Just a quick warning, the next couple of comics are going to be fairly dialogue heavy. So, if you don’t like to read all that much… Well, why are you on a website called WordPress in first place?

Anyways, I figured out what I’m going to draw for the anniversary post next month. I’ve somehow manged to find something that is both lazier than what I did last year, yet is probably ultimately going to take longer for me to actually do. You see, instead of drawing just one big drawing with a lot of detail (detail being used loosely here), this year, I’m going to be doing a bunch of separate drawings and putting them all together into a single picture, kind of like a collage. I predict it will probably end up looking better if I just posted the pictures individually, BUT THAT WAY WOULD SEEM JUST LESS SPECIAL.

That all being said; still haven’t really reflected much on the past year of the comic. Should probably do that more so that the anniversary comes off a bit more introspective and insightful. At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #083: Stay Back, Please…

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I wish I had come up with a more clever punch line to this… But I’m only willing to put so much effort into these comics… Which currently, is not much…

In other news, happy new year everyone. Here’s hoping this year turns out better than the last one. Shouldn’t be too hard I guess. Celebrities just need to remember to not die in mass herds this year, and I’m sure everyone will consider 2017 a marked improvement over 2016. Because even though a bunch of really stupid s**t happened last year that would kill most people’s faith in humanity, the celebrity deaths are what I’m sure upset the majority of most people… In the states anyways… Well, that or the election. But we’re not going to talk about that here…

Anyways, most people around this time would reflect on the last year, and give their thoughts on how things turned out for them. I did something kind of like that in regards to how I felt about the comic last year. This year? I’m probably going to do that again… Just not right now… I’ll probably save something like that for the comic’s 2 year anniversary in February, once I’ve figured out what I want to say. The holidays really did sneak up on me after all, the new year included, so I’ve put 0 thoughts into that so far… Which reminds me, I still need to decide what I want to draw for the anniversary post as well. I’m thinking… you know, not to rock the boat or anything, but it might have something to do with the comic… We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.