Night Fox – Comic Post #085: Bleeding Outta Here

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


Poor Ripper… Won’t someone out there come and, give him a hand? Ahahahahahahahahaha *slams head on desk because that joke was awful and deserves physical pain for writing it*

I do have some good news. I actually was able to brainstorm quite a few ideas for some future comics. Because for the time being, I’ve been sort of veering away from the longer story arcs like the nearly year long “Paper Saga” I did last year, the comics that are coming up are going to feature more arcs like this one, that are only like a couple of weeks long and a few more quick one of comics. I did look back over some of the older comics I first did, and while the art really was lacking back then, I actually think I enjoyed how I approached writing Alex and Kitsiyuna more back in the comic’s early days. To me, I felt like I was able to make them a lot more comical back then because I wasn’t really trying to tell a coherent narrative and was more focused on just letting the characters be themselves. Which is ultimately why I’m going to try to do more one off comics in the future, because you don’t really have to advance the plot with those ones, which gives you more room to just let the characters do dumb and entertaining stuff.

Also, in regards to the anniversary post, I’ve worked out a bit of a “progress bar” to figure out how much work I still need to get done on it. I essentially figured that I was doing 6 drawings in about 4 “phases” each. The phases being physically sketching the drawing, redoing the sketches’ outlines digitally, filling in the outlines in with color, then finally adding all of the shading in. So, I basically figured I had 24 steps to get done, plus an additional 1 of putting all of the drawings together, so 25 steps total. I’ve gotten 10 steps done at this point (with all but 1 drawing actually drawn, 1 drawing completely done, and 1 that just needs shading), so converted to percentage, that’s about 40%. Considering I’ve got a little bit over a month to get the rest done, I think I’m fairly well on track to getting the thing completed in time…

Which is why I’m going to be very ashamed of myself if I don’t actually finish the thing in time, so let’s just hope I don’t get THAT lazy come February… Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say, so I’ll see you next comic.


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