Night Fox – Comic Post #086: Living With A Shadow Overhead

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


This and the next comic were originally both going to be just one comic, but I decided against that when I realized how much freaking dialogue that would be all in one comic, and split the two up. What can I say? Tenebrae is a fairly verbose fellow after all…

…Unlike me this week, as I don’t really have much I want to type up. I did just get paid for the first time for the new job that I’m currently working from home, so that’s kind of exciting… $400 for about a month’s worth of work, so, that’s all right I suppose. I’m also being slightly inconvenienced by allergies which have given me a mild chronic cough which has been going on for about a month now… I still “healthy” (as healthy as I was before I got the cough), but my god is it really freaking annoying to break out into coughing fits multiple times a day. But aside from that, not much else going on in my life that I care to bother you guys with. And I didn’t really want to bother you with those two things in the first place… (I mean really, who uses their personal blog to talk to strangers on the Internet about what’s going on in their life? Real weirdos, that’s who…)

The anniversary drawings are about 64% done by this point, which I suppose is on schedule at my current rate, though I still haven’t completely finished any of the other drawings yet. Let’s just say I’ve been holding off a little bit on finishing the shading because I feel like it can take a fairly long time. I guess it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t procrastinating doing something easy, yet time consuming that I really shouldn’t be holding off on doing… Anyways, I’ll see you next comic.


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