Night Fox – Comic Post #089: Survivor’s Guilt

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Hey look! I did a comic that’s not funny! Pretty much at all! And this time it was actually intentional! Ain’t that crazy? Who knows what kind of CRAZY comic I might do next!? Ahahahahahahaha….!


Yes… At any rate… Not much else to talk about this week. I did get to play a shit ton more Tales of Berseria since the last update. I’m fairly certain that I could’ve beaten the game by now if I had focused on doing the story, but I sort of procrastinated doing side quests and getting collectibles. That’s mostly because I have this nagging feeling that the game is going to have a fairly bittersweet ending and I’ve gotten so attached to the main cast that I don’t want to see anything bad happen to them in the end… So I held off on going to the final dungeon until I could mentally prepare myself for that eventuality. Heh… Look at this guy, getting emotionally invested in a video game to the point that he needs some time to accept a potentially unhappy ending… WHAT A NERD, AM I RIGHT YOU GUYS!?

…But overall, the game is still holding up to my expectations of being one of the best Tales of games I’ve played, with Velvet actually topping Yuri as the best main character in the series. (At least in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, Yuri is still a pretty cool dude, but Velvet’s character arc I found to be a lot more interesting and easier to get emotionally invested in. Plus, being a hot chick definitely helps) So basically, I’m still at the point where I can feel confident recommending the game to anyone who wants a good story with great  characters that’s very well presented despite having a much lower budget than something like say Final Fantasy or Persona.

Anyways, I guess one bit of actually news is that I finished the anniversary drawing, so that should definitely be up in time for the 2 year anniversary (which is on February 20th if you’re like me and don’t have it committed to memory, because let’s face it, why should you?). Now, time will tell if I can actually think of some profound and insightful words to go alongside that picture… Probably not, but then again, I’ve been know to surprise myself at times. Until then, I’ll see you next comic.




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