Night Fox – Comic Post #095: Spring Cleaning

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I don’t necessarily know about you guys, but if I lived in a world with magic items like these being easily accessible and common place, I would also probably just end up hoarding them all up in one place and never use them, because I too, suffer from Too Awesome to Use Syndrome. How do I know this? Because any remotely interesting thing that I’ve ever gotten that is in some way disposable, I end up hoarding in my room and never end up actually using. At one point, my parents got us boxes of fire crackers to screw around with one 4th of July. Rather than use them up immediately like my brother and sister did that very same day, I instead decided to take my boxes into my room and keep them there, thinking to myself “Hey! These could really come in handy at some point later on!” I still have those fire crackers just lying around somewhere after all of these years. I also have a roll of Police Tape that I’ve had for a similar amount of time. My sister pulled a prank on me with it, and used it to block off the door to my bedroom. Rather than tossing the tape once I got it off my door, I decided to roll it up and stick it in one of my dresser drawers, because I also thought to myself “Police Tape? I bet this will be useful later!” (It didn’t have any adhesive on it, so it was technically reusable) Still haven’t used it for anything to this day, not even to prank my sister back. And I’ve also got at least 2 CPR Masks sitting around in my room as well from when I was required to take a First Aid class in community college. While those might be a little bit more understandable keeping around, I don’t think I actually remember anything I learned in that class, so those masks would be kind of pointless to keep around. I’m beginning to think I might just be a Point and Click Adventure game protagonist waiting to happen.

That bit of insight into my dull life aside, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.





Night Fox – Comic Post #094: Taking It A Little Bit Too Far

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Want to emotionally distress random strangers for shits and giggles? Then you too can play the “Related Game”! All you have to do is go to some public place with a friend or family member of whom your relation can be easily misconstrued in several different ways (i.e. a brother and sister getting mistaken for a boyfriend and girlfriend). Go up to random strangers, tell them the most messed up backstory you can think of (most likely involving some kind of implicit unwanted sex) for the two of you, and see their reactions when they think you’re both horrible people (the more outlandishly believable you can make the story, the better, so use stuff like props, or additional people to help make your screwed up story more plausible), then laugh when you tell them that you were just kidding. You can consider yourself a winner if you actually get the cops called on you. Actually getting arrested for your words is optional, but will net you bonus points in the spirit of the game. (Don’t actually get yourself arrested or put on probation for a joke like that, because that’s just a stupid fucking thing to do…) Also, make sure to film any potential exchanges with strangers on the off chance that their reactions might be internet worthy, because “social experiment” videos like that are all the rage on YouTube… for some reason… And if you do get in trouble, just remember the words: “It’s just a prank bro!” , which will instantly relieve you of any particular punishment you might’ve ended up facing for your actions. Everything is a-okay when you do it for the lols after all. (Or the keks depending on your ethnic background…)

Aside from that little bit of fooling around and just general nonsense that you can pretty much ignore or disregard, much like everything else I do on this site… I don’t have much else to say this week, so I’ll just leave you with a “see you next comic”.

Night Fox – Comic Post #093: I’m In It For The Hugs

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So the new Zelda is pretty fun. I got a chance to play a few hours of it last week, and it turns out it’s preeeeeeeeetty good (Like all of the other million 10/10 reviews out there didn’t already reaffirm something like that). Obviously, I haven’t played it for nearly enough time to give my full thoughts on it, but I will say, this is one of the few open world games that I’ve actually enjoyed exploring. Most other ones to me were literally just like: spend 20 minutes getting across the map to the next objective because there’s not going to be anything you want to waste your time doing along the way, because the side stuff I feel in most open world games are just there for padding. Whereas here in Breath of the Wild, the some 100+ shrines you find along your travels provide you with several benefits that you know are always going to be worth it if you go out of your way to complete them (ie, fast travel points, progress towards upgrading Link, and at least one guaranteed chest inside them). Plus, exploring off the beaten path nets you cooking materials which are always fun to collect and experiment with. The world doesn’t feel like one big time consuming chore for the sole purpose of adding play time, basically.

Aside from Zelda, which I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about later once I’ve gotten a chance to play more, I don’t have much to talk about, so I’ll just see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #091: Distractions

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Oh shit, look out! Here comes the filler comics! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

At any rate, nothing is going on in my life as per usual (shocking, I know), and because I’m feeling particularly lazy this week, I’m just going to leave it off here and see you guys next comic.