Night Fox – Comic Post #094: Taking It A Little Bit Too Far

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


Want to emotionally distress random strangers for shits and giggles? Then you too can play the “Related Game”! All you have to do is go to some public place with a friend or family member of whom your relation can be easily misconstrued in several different ways (i.e. a brother and sister getting mistaken for a boyfriend and girlfriend). Go up to random strangers, tell them the most messed up backstory you can think of (most likely involving some kind of implicit unwanted sex) for the two of you, and see their reactions when they think you’re both horrible people (the more outlandishly believable you can make the story, the better, so use stuff like props, or additional people to help make your screwed up story more plausible), then laugh when you tell them that you were just kidding. You can consider yourself a winner if you actually get the cops called on you. Actually getting arrested for your words is optional, but will net you bonus points in the spirit of the game. (Don’t actually get yourself arrested or put on probation for a joke like that, because that’s just a stupid fucking thing to do…) Also, make sure to film any potential exchanges with strangers on the off chance that their reactions might be internet worthy, because “social experiment” videos like that are all the rage on YouTube… for some reason… And if you do get in trouble, just remember the words: “It’s just a prank bro!” , which will instantly relieve you of any particular punishment you might’ve ended up facing for your actions. Everything is a-okay when you do it for the lols after all. (Or the keks depending on your ethnic background…)

Aside from that little bit of fooling around and just general nonsense that you can pretty much ignore or disregard, much like everything else I do on this site… I don’t have much else to say this week, so I’ll just leave you with a “see you next comic”.


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