Night Fox – Comic Post #095: Spring Cleaning

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I don’t necessarily know about you guys, but if I lived in a world with magic items like these being easily accessible and common place, I would also probably just end up hoarding them all up in one place and never use them, because I too, suffer from Too Awesome to Use Syndrome. How do I know this? Because any remotely interesting thing that I’ve ever gotten that is in some way disposable, I end up hoarding in my room and never end up actually using. At one point, my parents got us boxes of fire crackers to screw around with one 4th of July. Rather than use them up immediately like my brother and sister did that very same day, I instead decided to take my boxes into my room and keep them there, thinking to myself “Hey! These could really come in handy at some point later on!” I still have those fire crackers just lying around somewhere after all of these years. I also have a roll of Police Tape that I’ve had for a similar amount of time. My sister pulled a prank on me with it, and used it to block off the door to my bedroom. Rather than tossing the tape once I got it off my door, I decided to roll it up and stick it in one of my dresser drawers, because I also thought to myself “Police Tape? I bet this will be useful later!” (It didn’t have any adhesive on it, so it was technically reusable) Still haven’t used it for anything to this day, not even to prank my sister back. And I’ve also got at least 2 CPR Masks sitting around in my room as well from when I was required to take a First Aid class in community college. While those might be a little bit more understandable keeping around, I don’t think I actually remember anything I learned in that class, so those masks would be kind of pointless to keep around. I’m beginning to think I might just be a Point and Click Adventure game protagonist waiting to happen.

That bit of insight into my dull life aside, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.





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