Night Fox – Comic Post #097: A Tough Break-Up

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


So fun fact time about this little story beat here:

When I first was trying to come up with a good introductory story for the comic, I went through 3 different versions before I settled on the draft that I did. (Well technically, it was 7, but I’m not counting the 4 different Night Fox comics I drew each year in high school, because I ended up dropping those all for a very good reason i.e. they all REALLY sucked…) The first version I made as a web comic involved Alex and Kitsiyuna getting hired by Sabrina to track down her husband who had been abducted by an evil Spirit. I might’ve ended up using that draft were it not for the fact that I decided to keep it a secret that Kitsiyuna was a Spirit… for well over 60 pages worth of script…  Having to write around a secret identity like that for a main character made the story awkward at quite a few points for a plot twist that wasn’t even going to be that great to begin with. Plus, again, I had over 60 pages written for that opening story, which by all rights, was probably way too long (at the rate I’m doing comics, that “intro” would’ve probably taken at least a year to do). So you can probably see why I dropped that one, though I might revisit that story later as part of a flashback or something.

But that’s a bit of a tangent, the more pertinent bit here was my next attempt at doing an opening. The next draft actually started with a set up almost identical to this comic right here, give or take a few changed details (Kaz wasn’t involved originally, and the girlfriend was a little more sympathetic… But not by much). I even copied some of the dialogue word for word from that draft and reused it in this comic. Now, the reason I decided not to go with this one originally had more to do with what is coming up after this comic: it had a pretty long action sequence as they were chasing the guy down. I realized kind of early in drawing the action sequence, that I might’ve been biting of more than I could chew at the time. So I dropped that draft, and moved onto the 3rd version of the web comic, (the one I actually stuck with) which had a bigger focus on dialogue over action. For what I have planned for the next comic, I think I’ve learned my lesson just a bit, and reeled back in the chase sequence so that it’s only one comic long.

And there you have it, more insight into my writing process. The more you know, or something right? Because all of that was so riveting… At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.


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