Night Fox – Comic Post #100: That’s Retarded

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.



Well would you look at that? The comic count has now officially reached the triple digits! (you know, discounting literally every single other comic that came before this one as I always had zeros at the front of all the numbers). Ain’t that something special?

…Well it shouldn’t be, considering the fact that this comic is actually the 133rd comic I’ve done for Night Fox. You gotta count all the pages individually for the comics I did with multiple pages after all. To be perfectly honest though, when I was first writing the script for this comic, I didn’t actually realize it was going to end up being comic one double-O. So it’s actually a bit of a happy little coincidence that the very first Spirit Alex and Kitsiyuna dealt with on screen made his triumphant return for this comic (because I’m sure everybody missed Legless Nic Cage here, who I still don’t have an actual proper name for).

At any rate, I’m still making “art assets” for my side project that I’ve been doing. I’ve definitely slowed down a bit, which I don’t consider a very good sign, but I still think I can stay on schedule enough to get it finished “in time”. As to how the side project is going to tie into the comic? Well, the next comic just might provide some insight into that… Anywho, that’s enough rambling for now, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


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