Night Fox – Comic Post #102: A Haunting Solution

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


Remember kids, when you plan on dying, always remember to format your hard drive first, lest you end up leaving behind a Haunt that ends up distressing and harassing your loved ones with your desire to hide your weird porn from beyond the grave. Or more likely, you don’t leave a Haunt behind, and your family just ends up finding your porn anyways, which is going to make your funeral REAL awkward for everyone.

At any rate, I hope all of you had a good Mother’s Day on Sunday and that all of you actually did something special for your moms (you know, provided that they’re still alive and you’re on speaking terms with them that is). Me and my siblings this year went up with our mom to visit our grandparents in Charlottesville. We all got along and had fun and spent time with family and all of that other gay crap. Essentially, everything went okay, though, on the ride back home, we had to pull over on the middle of the highway because the engine in our car was at a risk of burning out. We ended up having to take about a 20 minute detour to get spare quarts of oil and had to be very careful not to overwork the engine again, even turning the AC off the rest of the trip to facilitate that. I was wearing all black that day and was sitting in direct sunlight for most of the ride back, so you can imagine that made me just a tad REALLY FREAKING HOT. Also, we had to drive through an area where they were doing construction (which caused traffic to slow down) where somebody had managed to get into an accident (which slowed down traffic even more), which ended up adding like 40 minutes to the trip. So yeah. The actually celebration of Mother’s Day for us went fine. It’s just that the drive back really really sucked.

Anyways, I’m done bitching about holiday traffic, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.



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