Night Fox – Comic Post #105: The Grand Entrance

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.



When I was writing this part of the comic, I originally wasn’t sure what kind of a Spirit to make Cantaros. I just knew I was going to make him wear a kind of domino mask and was going to have super fabulous hair. Well, one day, while I was still in the middle of writing these parts, I was also in the middle of binge watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus again while I was working on the comic. This line in particular had always cracked me up, so I decided to incorporate it into Kitsiyuna’s dialogue while she was decking Cantaros in the face. Then I remembered that I actually had Fairies as one of the 50 some odd races of Spirits in Night Fox that would show up in the comic eventually, and figured that Cantaros being a Fairy just fit perfectly. So thanks Monty Python, you helped influence some of the world building in Night Fox in a fairly indirect way.

In other news, I have completely killed my sleep schedule. Straight up took it behind a shed and double tapped it in the back of the skull. Basically, I’ve been staying up past 3 AM on numerous days of the week while also simultaneously waking up at around 6 in the morning, which you know, most doctors would say is not enough time. Now granted, I don’t think I’m at a risk of exhausting myself or anything, because I pretty much do absolutely nothing with my life (you know, except this comic, but let’s be real here, in the grand scheme of things, it still is pretty much nothing). My only concern is that I do get a tad groggy in the middle of the day as a result, which is usually when I’m trying to do the bulk of my comic work. Whether or not this is going to have an affect on the quality of the comic, we’ll just have to wait and see.

But let’s be real here: the comic can’t get THAT much worse than it already is.

And with that bit of self-deprecation out of the way, I’ll see you next comic.



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