My name is Sean-Thomas Rowe.

This is my blog.

It contains words.

This is the most helpful “About” section ever.

(Also, I use this blog to update my not very successful or at all amazing webcomic called Night Fox. It’s about a 15 year old boy named Alex and his kitsune partner named Kitsiyuna and their adventures hunting down and catching evil spirits and ghosts. You can just look at the Comic Archive I setup to look at them all, if you’re actually interested… Which, given how many views I average per post… you probably aren’t.)

(Also also, when I first started this blog, I did so because I was using it for my Interactive Design I class, and you may see assignment’s for that class among the earlier posts. You can pretty much disregard those posts. Or you can read them and wonder just how I passed that class, because those posts ARE DUMB… Either way, here’s a link to my class’s blog so that you have some symblence of an idea for what my class was actually like… provided most of the assignments don’t get taken down or the blog even stays up…)


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