Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #8

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Shira Coloring

Name: Shira, the Wight Queen

In order to get a better understanding of Shira, you first have to get a grasp on the race of Spirit she belongs to. Shira is classified as a kind of Spirit called a Wightling, which are characterized as pale skinned Humanoid Spirits with dark markings all over their bodies that glow when they’re using magic. These markings help Wightlings gather Spirit Energy more efficiently than most other races, and as such, many Wightlings go around wearing clothing that keep most of these markings still exposed, so as to not hamper their superior ability to channel Spirit Energy.

Throughout the Spirit World, there are many different races of Spirits who are each good at different kinds of magic. As far as Wightlings are concerned, they are considered THE BEST when it comes to Spell Casting, with there not being a single school of Magic they’re incapable of using. But that’s just taking into account magic that they aren’t naturally gifted at. You see, Wightlings are masters of Necromancy and Soul Manipulation. There isn’t a single Spell in the entire craft of Necromancy that a Wightling cannot learn and master, and their inherent understanding of how Souls function are what enable them to be such potent Spell Casters in the first place. And Shira, as the Wight Queen, is considered to be the most powerful Necromancer among all of the Wightlings in the Spirit World. While there are still a few Spirits in un-populated areas of the Spirit World who may not have heard of her or her title, there is not a single Wightling out there who hasn’t heard of her skills.

She’s so powerful, that she can even give the Reaper’s a run for their money. While she’s always careful to avoid doing anything overtly illegal to the point where she would bring down the wrath of the entirety of the Reaper forces on her, she still has had run-ins with them, and she has always come out on top. It suspected that just a single one of her Undead servants is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with all but the most elite Reaper Officers. And if she runs into a Reaper her servants can’t handle? She goes and deals with them herself.

Not much is known about Shira, as the only people known to know her personally are her Undead servants. That being said, the Reapers have been able to piece together a vague picture of her based off of reports they have on her activities and behavior. It is estimated that she at least has some degree of respect for the Reaper’s and their laws, as she doesn’t actively go out of her way to go and antagonize them, and she only kills members of their ranks when they actively get in her way. That is one thing that she will not tolerate though, and that is people getting in her way, as when something decides to stand between her, and something she wants, or even just slightly fancies, she has been shown to hold absolutely no mercy when dealing with what obstacle is facing her.

It is in situations like these where she will not tolerate failure, and has been known to destroy her own servants when they mess up, so as to bring her other ones more in line. It is this kind of behavior that has caused her to develop a sort of god complex at times, leading her to believe that she may be a sort of reincarnation of one of the fabled “Deity Spirits” that legends say mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago. Of course, whether or not her belief in that is actually true, top Magic Researchers within the Spirit World have deemed something like reincarnation to be, “almost certainty physically impossible considering what is known about how the Soul works”. Still, delusions aside, Shira is still a Spirit whose good graces you should try to stay in by any means possible, lest she decide she doesn’t want to put up with your antics and destroy you.

Of course, Shira’s personally history is an even bigger mystery to most people. The only thing that can be said for sure is that Shira was probably a Human first before she died and became a Spirit, owed to the fact that she is a Spirit with very Human characteristics, a feature that usually only occurs in Naturally-Born Spirits when one of their parents was Human at some point. Based off of reports the Reapers have gathered, her Spirit form is estimated to only be around 320 years old, which is very young for a Spirit of her power. It is suspected that her cause of death when she was Human may have been that she had been burned to death as a witch, as the estimated time frame for her death matches up with the Witch Trails. One interesting thing of note, is that there have been reports of a Wight Queen from before this time period that have been verified to have no connection to Shira. This has lead to the possibility that Shira might have inherited the title of the Wight Queen from another Spirit. Though, whether she killed the previous Wight Queen, or the title was merely passed down, is unknown.

So, what about Shira’s actually role within the story? Well, she wants to form a Pact with Alex so that she can use him as her Spiriter (what the Human is called in Pact between a Human and Spirit). She suspects that with Alex in her control, she will be able to make him into the strongest Spiriter the world has ever known, and that the two of them together would be an unstoppable powerhouse. For what purpose she either wants, or needs that kind of power, cannot be said for certain. The only thing that can said, is that she will stop at nothing to claim Alex as hers, even if that means she has to destroy Kitsiyuna in the process of claiming him. It is for that reason, that Shira should be considered a top level threat to both Alex and Kitsiyuna when the duo crosses inevitably crosses paths with her.



Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #7

Owen Semi-Color.jpg

It really has been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? Considering that he’s finally going to be showing up in the comic officially (next week’s update to be specific, as shoehorned an appearance it’s going to be), I figured it was time to give Owen his own official bio.

Name: Owen Hanson

Age: 29

Owen is the owner and proprietor of the shop Offworld Oddities, a sort of novelty shop that sells various goods, some mundane, some as far from mundane as you can get. While he normally just sells what can be generously be described as “conversation starters” to most normal people, those with a discerning eye might also notice that his shop is well stocked in magical equipment and oddities. His shop’s biggest customers are Alex and Kitsiyuna, who regularly order supplies from him. Given that a lot of his business partners are Spirits, the stuff that Night Fox does is relatively normal and mundane to him. Selling gear to Spirit Hunters is just another way for him to get money after all. As a result, he comes off as very eccentric to most of his “normal” customers, adding a veil of mystery to him. That, coupled with his nonplussed attitude towards everything lends him a sort of mystique that draws all sorts of customers to his shop, making what would be a rather unremarkable knick-knack shop in the middle of downtown Lunaridge into a much more successful business than it probably had any right to be. Using the many Spirits who supply him with his “occultic” goods as connections, Owen manages to pick up on lots of rumors and information. This allows him to act as a secondary informant to Alex and Kitsiyuna, giving the duo information on potential jobs that Angel and the Reapers might not know about.

Owen, obviously, is not without his quirks. He always wears sunglasses, even when at night or indoors, because, as he describes it “Is a family tradition”. He may or may not regularly wear a jacket that is secretly lined with bullet-proof Kevlar just because he likes to be “prepared” in case someone might one day shoot him. And he can almost always be seen carrying around a thermos that is filled with hot coffee, as he literally cannot function, in his own words, without it. He is also the youngest in his family, with 2 older brothers who are allegedly both very famous and successful. He has been on record as stating that he had the option to become as famous as both of them, but opted instead to open up an oddities shop instead, because it felt “more his speed”. Of course, he’s never told anyone who his brothers actually were as he would rather become successful on his own right instead of riding off of his brothers’ popularity in addition to dealing with all of the baggage that comes with having famous family members. Whether or not he’s fibbing about all that is something that Alex and Kitsiyuna have never quite been able to piece together. If you really wanted to be cute about, you could say that Owen really is an “oddity” himself.

We’re going to be getting to a point in the comic where some characters I held off on revealing earlier as they were sort of “spoilery” are going to be making in comic appearances soon. So, I guess you can probably expect a couple more bios in the future. Don’t worry though. They’re still going to be as vague in regards to plot specifics as possible though. Anyways, I’ll see you next post.


Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #4

You know what? My computer may have screwed up the other character bio I was trying to post… But that doesn’t mean I can’t post a bio for another character. (Because after all, I’ve been spending a lot of time “semi-coloring” in the drawings I’ve got scanned onto my computer… At this point I should actually start showing them…) Without further ado, here is the fourth bio for Sword of Excallius (just 3 months late…).

Galgen Semi-Color

Name: Galgen Todmeister

Age: 35

Camilla’s original 100th master. A tall, intimidating, power hungry sociopath, with the personality to match. Of course, that personality is what drove him to lose Camilla in the first place, as, after he used Camilla to stab Jack after massacring a bunch of people Camilla didn’t want to kill, she used that as an opportunity to jump ship and get a new master. Of course, when he was her master, he always kept her in her sword form at all times, seeing her as nothing more than a weapon, constantly ignoring her pleas to stop slaughtering innocent people in order to make her more powerful. When Camilla first made the jump to Jack, she ended up fended Galgen off by cutting off his right hand so that he wouldn’t be able to use her anymore. Galgen did not take that little bit of “insubordination” too well. He ended up tracking down a replacement hand called the Claw of Mordred, which is as evil and twisted as it looks and sounds, and grafted it to his body, giving him access to powerful dark magic. Of course, a man as maniacal as Galgen doesn’t just stop there on their quest for power. He also hunted down another powerful magic weapon, the Blade of Felgore, a weapon very similar in nature to Camilla (SPOILER: It’s actually another person who can transform into a sword as well), and uses the two in tandem to try to kill Jack and reclaim Camilla again. Because hey, if you already have one magical, all powerful sword, who’s to say you can’t have two?

And there we have it: our first villain bio! WOOOH! I’m going to do my best to try to keep posting bios on a regular basis, considering I’ve done enough art for most of the characters by now (though ironically, the character who would make logical sense to do next, the human form of the Blade of Felgore, I haven’t actually drawn in their human form yet…). So, basically, you guys can probably expect a little bit more than a single post a week… Probably… And before you go laughing at this guy’s last name, I’ll have you know that it’s actually supposed to mean “death master” in German (…at least that’s what Google translate tells me…). At any rate, I don’t have much else to say outside of the bio, so I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #3

Here’s another bio ‘CAUSE WHY NOT YOU GUYZ?

Elena Coloring

Elena Rhodes

Age: 18

President of the Fiend Hunters club, the group of students at Jack’s school that devote most of their time hunting down Fiends. She has a very bold and determined personality and will never surrender, especially if the stakes are high. Despite her love of fighting and combat, she is very friendly and personable, though she can get rather blunt and snarky. She also has a very strong sense of justice and can get overprotective of those she thinks need protecting. But on the flip side, she does have a bad habit of overestimating her fellow Fiend Hunters in combat, with them often getting into situations she thinks are easy but are way beyond the rest of the group’s skill level. Elena can also get a tad over competitive with other groups who also hunt Fiends, often going out of her way to sabotage the other groups to insure the Fiend Hunters get the kill.

Given Elena’s competitive nature coupled with her very high fighting skill level, she naturally uses a very difficult and technical fighting style (meaning impossible to do in real life) as a display of skill. She fights using a large sheath that she carries on her back that can carry upwards of 50 swords if properly set in called a Sword Quiver. Utilizing the massive number of swords she carries on her at a given time, Elena uses a style she dubs “Omni Wielding”, where the user tries to use as many different swords as they can all at the same time, this being accomplished by using swords with very small, narrow handles and no cross guards, further increasing the skill level required to do such a style.

Needless to say, Elena has mastered this fighting style and is incredibly proficient at it, being able to switch out swords in a matter of milliseconds (all the swords are more or less identical, so this is only really necessary for style points…), swing the swords from the heels of her boots for added range (like how Raiden from Metal Gear Solid does it), and can even run across the tops of the swords as easily as if she was moving across actual ground. Heck, by utilizing her Sword Quiver’s built in launching mechanism, she can fire out spare swords to create actual makeshift ladders and platforms for her to get around more easily. Or, she could just use the mechanism in tandem with Trace (which is basically just pseudo magic made after the destruction of the Sovereign Seal made real magic much harder to do), she can fire off a continuous self-replenishing volley of swords at her enemies in a technique she dubs the “Sword Stream”. However, by far, her most impressive ability is her “Guardian Swordfall” technique. This technique involves launching all of her swords straight up into the sky, where they will all come crashing point down at blinding speeds over an incredibly wide area, often decimating her opponents. It’s called the Guardian Swordfall because of how the swords actually fall. They are pretty much guaranteed to all land on top of any and all potential threats within an area, completely missing any innocent bystanders Elena doesn’t want to hit in the process, and when the swords do come down, for a split second, they look likes beams of light coming down from the heavens to rain down judgement. So in summary: Elena is a pretty big game-breaker in terms of strength, which is why she is in charge of the Fiend Hunters.

So… yeah… Elena is pretty OP, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of how strong the bad guys are going to be in Sword of Excallius, SO… I think Jack and Camilla are going to be needing her help a lot early on… Anyway: WHAT INSPIRED THIS CHARACTER TIME! When I came up with Elena, I had a bit of a cursory understanding of Attack on Titan. In that show, people fight titans with really sharp blades that have a tendency to break and dull, so they have to carry around a bunch of blades with them. They also use grappling hooks mounted to their waists so that they can maneuver around better against the titans (they’re apparently waist mounted so as to encourage the body to remain in an upright position, reducing the amount of stress that the grappling would cause on the body). Now, when I first saw the character designs, I thought those grappling hooks were where the kept all of their swords… And the idea of that then reminded me of the Hwacha (link for those who don’t know what that is:… And following that train of thought and combing the two things, I came up with the Sword Quiver. Having come up with a crazy weapon like that, naturally I needed a character with a crazy fighting style to match. So I came up with all the stupid show-offy moves and abilities, but still didn’t have a design to go with either. Then further inspiration struck! Around this time, I was playing a game called Project X Zone (which is basically a crossover game using Capcom, Sega, and Namco characters). There were a particular group of characters whose source game seemed really interesting to me (though, as of typing this, I still haven’t played it yet) called God Eaters (which is kind of like Monster Hunter from my understanding)… Anywho, I ended up liking the characters from God Eaters and decided to use them as a base, design wise. I decided I wanted the character I was designing to be female, so I took aspects from the female God Eater character in the game (named Alisa, who looks like this: and incorporate some of them into Elena’s design (in addition to another character’s design I’ll show you guys at a later time) and then toned down a bit of the fan-servicey aspects (which, thinking about some of the character designs I have, sounds kind of like a weird thing for me to do). And that’s what inspired Elena. So if you’re ever having trouble coming up with creative ideas for stuff, just steal a bunch of concepts and aspects from all sorts of sources at the same time ‘n mash them together into one amalgamation of junk and stuff! It’s been serving me pretty well up till this point. And with all that typing done, I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #2

Here’s the bio for our other protagonist. Her name is Camilla, and she is the main reason why I decided to do Night Fox as a web comic over Sword of Excallius: HER FREAKING DESIGN IS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO DO OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Camilla Coloring

There are many times I feel that my characters are too simple. Then I overcompensate for those simple designs by doing these really overcomplicated ones with all these small little details that become such a pain in the ass to do… And the thing is, for this particular design, I skimped on a LOT of the actual details that go into her armor for this post (BECAUSE I’M A LAZY SON OF GUN). But what really sucks, is that I actually REALLY like Camilla’s design with all of its pain in the ass details, as I feel it all really fits the general look I was trying to achieve with her… And I’m rambling on about nothing in general, so let’s get on with that bio.

Camilla Viviane Excallius

Age: Appearance and personality-wise, 16. In actuality, roughly 800.

The Sword of Excallius herself. She was originally a princess from the kingdom of the same name, before she was cursed with the form of a sword that can only be used by those with the right bloodline. While in the service of somebody, she can change from her human and sword forms at will. She gets stronger from being used in combat, being able to impart her master with new powers, though, every time one of her masters die, she temporarily loses a lot of her powers and some of her memories, specifically the ones in regards to fighting properly, usually causing her to start back at square 1 wherever that happens, which is frequently.

Personality wise, she doesn’t let her curse get her down, remaining bright, cheerful, and easily excited. She is usually very respectful and incredibly loyal to her masters. However, she can be kind of oblivious and almost ditzy at times though. Once she gets close enough to somebody, whether or not they are her master, she will do her best to insure no harm will EVER befall them. She doesn’t like be treated as just a sword and hates to be used to cause harm to innocent people. Of course, Camilla’s has a fear  that she will never be free as a person, considering she always had to rely on people when she was a princess whether it be her father, servants, or knights whenever she got kidnapped. This obviously carrying over to her sword form as well, considering she can’t even interact with anything unless she is paired with a master. Her one wish is to finally accomplish something without needing another person to help and / or use her.

Yes, the Sword of Excallius is actually a person, not just a random magic weapon. I got the idea a while ago from watching Soul Eater (some aspects of that series actually helped shape Night Fox as well), and always thought people having the ability to transform into weapons was really cool (though, I watched Soul Eater in 11th grade, so I was more or less sitting on that idea for about 4 years until I came up with Sword of Excallius in late 2013). Considering the relatively goofy nature of Soul Eater, it never really addressed some of the “psychological issues” I’m sure people would go through, being used as LITERAL weapons of murder. I took that idea and used it to help create Camilla, who, considering she has been around for 800 years and been used by 100 different masters, some of whom, were not particularly nice people, has been forced to kill more things than she would’ve liked. While my idea for the series is to keep it more light hearted and slightly goofy at the beginning, as it would go on, I would go more in-depth into Camilla’s psyche, and explore just what kind of issues would pop up from her circumstances. Issues like survivor’s guilt, the idea of never being in control of one’s life, being forced into killing innocent people against your will, dealing with a life of seemingly constant failure and setbacks, and whether or not Camilla should even try to break her curse, considering how much bloodshed she would have to cause to do it…

All of those sound like cheery prospects huh!? I might post random silly nonsense on this blog a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some more introspective depth added to my stuff. And this is coming from a guy who runs a web comic where the main character likes to stab people in the butt… Anyways, this weeks comic is nearing completion, so you can expect that soon. And to that, I say: See you next post.

Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #1

So here’s one I’ve had lying in the wait for a while now. I wasn’t holding it back for any particular reason, I just… forgot about the picture for about 2 weeks… Anywho, here’s another picture for you guys:

Jack Coloring

I colored this one in a slightly different way just because… Also, this is a character for a series completely different from Night Fox! Wooh! Exciting! Riveting! Rambling 1 word statements of increased interest in a particular thing! Yes, as I stated earlier… somewhere (probably on this blog, though it could have been all in my head…), that I have a lot of different ideas for series outside of Night Fox. So, I decided: Why not spout off a couple of these ideas here on the blog? Maybe get some feedback on them, maybe? Or ya know, not. This blog isn’t exactly well known and popular. OH WELL. THAT WON’T STOP ME FROM DOING IT. Without further ado, I present to you the main character from my second idea for a series: Sword of Excallius.

Well, first I should probably tell you just what the story would be about… That would make it far more easier for you to understand stuff in the character bio after all. (Quick FYI: Changing the format for the bios… Not that I’m sure any of you care… But I’m doing this so I don’t have to BS as much info for a character I haven’t thought that much about or have to keep blaring SPOILERS for a plot thing that I may or may not want to actually keep secret)


Some 800 years in the past, there existed a kingdom known as Excallius in a region of the world known as Avalon. He who sat upon the throne of Excallius was considered high king of all of Avalon, and had almost universal control of all magic, thanks in part to the mighty Sovereign Seal of Excallius. Originally created by the gods that watched over the world, the Sovereign Seal was entrusted to High King Idrissil of Excallius, a brave, noble, and fair leader. However, one god was not happy with this decision.

A nameless god, just like the others, known only by his association with those who follow him, a race of creatures known as Fiends, whose appearance and actions live up to their name. For several hundred years, the Fiend God had been ordering his spawn to attack humans in an attempt to put them into line, but when news of the Sovereign Seal being gifted to a human reached his ears, the Fiend God declared all out war against the humans of Avalon. The conflict lasted for several years, with the Fiend God unable to unleash his true power due to the protection brought on by the Sovereign Seal. That is, until one day, the Fiend God was able to breach the walls of Excallius and raid the castle.

King Idrissil stood his ground, and faced the god one on one, and with great skill and fortune, landed a mortal blow to the Fiend God. Unfortunately for the denizens of Avalon, it wasn’t enough. The Fiend God was still able to lay his hand on the Sovereign Seal, and with his dying breath, place a curse on all of Avalon. With the power of the Seal being abused, the curse took immediate effect and reached the furthest edges of Avalon. All plant life immediately died, the settlements in the land began to crumble into dust, and all the people faded out of existence, leaving no traces behind. Even the Sovereign Seal crumbled away into nothingness. In one fell swoop, all of Avalon faded into a land of death and despair, to be all but forgotten by history, as the only thing left of it, was ruin. Everything, that is, except a lone blade plunged into the ground where the throne of Excallius used to lay. This blade, would be known as the Sword of Excallius.

The sword was eventually found, and with it, a final challenge from the Fiend God was issued. The curse placed on Avalon would be lifted if whomever used the sword could defeat the Fiend God’s strongest generals: The Demons of the Cycle. The challenge being, that all 13 members of the cycle must be defeated in order and without the master of the sword dying, with only a select few even capable of holding the blade in the first place. Should the sword’s master end up dying, the Demons reincarnate, and the cycle must be repeated again with a new master. Though many rose to the challenge, all with different motivations, every single person to wield the Sword of Excallius failed to complete the cycle before they died. After 800 years, and 99 masters, it seemed like the curse would never be lifted, and the Fiend God would always be able to exert his influence onto the world of man, even in death… That is, until, the sword eventually found its way into the hands of our protagonist…

Okay, enough backstory: ONTO THE BIO!

Jack Bane

Age: 16

The hero of our story. Jack is a kind of typical high school student in a not at all typical high school. He can act jaded and snarky at times because of all the weirdness around him, but he can pretty much always be counted on to be the hero in situations that most normal people would leave to someone else. Considering all the weird stuff he invariably gets dragged into, he doesn’t really get fazed by much, despite his objections to the contrary. Also, because his older sister uses him for demonstrations in her fighting dojo pretty much all the time as a sort of training dummy, he is easily capable of taking a LOT of hits, to the point that if you want to stop Jack, you pretty much have to kill him… Though, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. It just means that normal amounts of pain are incapable of putting him out of commission. He also has a bit of a habit of getting drawn into fights that he can’t quite win on his own (despite him being a very capable fighter having learned a lot from his sister’s training). This is mostly because though he can take a lot of punishment, he still hasn’t learned how to dish out as much in return… leading to a lot of stalemates against his opponents that usually don’t go his way…

Jack ends up becoming the new master of the Sword of Excallius, due in part to magic shenanigans, when the last master ended up stabbing him in the stomach with the sword after killing a bunch of innocent people, leaving Jack a nasty scar on his stomach. While not against the idea of having his own magical sword , a lot of the complications that come with said sword put him off, though he does eventually warm up to the blade (more on how he can warm up to a sword later…). He also ends up getting recruited by the Fiend Hunters (a sort of “after school club” at his high school composed entirely of fellow classmates who protect humans from Fiend attacks that occur on a regular basis) after he becomes the sword’s master, though he initially wants no part of the club. He eventually ends up getting tricked into doing the group’s initiation by fending off a Fiend attack and as a result is accepted in against his will. Though he protests this at first, he ends up enjoying the perks enough that he just rolls with it, earning him a valuable set of allies to help him fight the 13 Demons (that he also initially wants no part in hunting down) and breaking the cycle.

Now, I lied a little bit in this bio. You see, Jack isn’t actually the protagonist. He is actually one of the deuteragonist of the story. Who’s the other one? Well… I’ll guess you’ll see next bio (which will probably be in, at most, a week in addition to the comic). Anyways, see you next post.

Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #6

Galin Semi-Color

Name – Galin (Yes, this is Alexis’s partner)

Age – 600 to 800 (That’s not because his age is unclear to me… well technically yes it is… It’s more because the date of my intended backstory for him can go that far back…)

Birthday – October 5th

Personality – If the default look on his face didn’t clue you in, Galin isn’t either the friendliest, nor is he the happiest person either. He’s always brooding, which makes him seem all “emo”, which he kind of is, because he almost never smiles, tells jokes, OR DOES ANYTHING SEEMINGLY LIGHT-HEARTED WHATSOEVER. Also, considering one of his primary motivators is revenge (something that I will cover in his backstory)… he might come off as kind of… “OMG HE’S SO EDGY!” Alex likes to mock him for that, which, considering he and Galin absolutely despise each other, usually results in Galin retaliating by trying to stab Alex in the face. Off course, Alexis will also make jokes about him being all “emo and junk” too.. but she can actually get away with it, because Galin actually likes her, what with them being partners and all. He is actually fairly protective of her, defending her from danger… or Alex’s petty attempts to extract revenge on her (even if she doesn’t want him to). Despite of his “angsty attitude”, he actually gets along better with the rest of the cast than Alex does (give or take a couple of outlier characters)… which could probably tell you a few things… He even gets along pretty well with Kitsiyuna in spite of the rivalry between their respective partners.

Backstory – I’m going full spoilery here! No vague details or anything! Want to know why? Because you knowing Galin’s backstory I’m about 90% certain won’t ruin anything about the overall plot and stuff… so here we go! Okay,*AHEM!*…


When Galin was alive, he was a knight who served a couple of years before the Black Plague was a thing. The kingdom he served was at war with a group of knights referred to as the Order of the Black Helm, lead by a man know as Dalibor, who sought to bring death and destruction to the land. Galin and his fellow knights did their best to repel the armies of the Black Helm. Galin in particular, was extremely effective against them, as he was capable of communing with the mystical wolves that lived in his kingdom, who helped him predict the Black Helm’s movements and even helped him in combat, earning him his title “The Wolf Knight”. Galin’s expertise actually got him to be the next in line for the throne, as the king had no heirs to pass it to, opting instead to give it to the knight he found most capable. You could say that everything was going well for Galin. You could say that, but then you’d obviously figure something tragic happened. You see, that’s when the plague hit… Dalibor found a way to weaponize it to his advantage, even enhancing the plague with magic to turn all those who died to it into soldiers for his army. The plague ravaged the kingdom, both weakening their forces, as well as essentially causing any who died to it to turn traitor. When the kingdom was pushed to the brink, was when Dalibor personally lead an assault on the capital. Galin was leading the kingdom’s forces at the time, and he was completely unprepared for Dalibor’s underhanded tactics, allowing Dalibor and his personal entourage to break through Galin’s defenses and storm the king’s castle. Galin ended up leaving the battlefield to go and defend his king, leaving the rest of his soldiers leaderless, and as a result, they eventually succumb to the rest of Dalibor’s forces. Galin was too late to stop Dalibor though, as by the time he arrived at the throne room, the king had already been slain by Dalibor. In a fit of rage, Galin attempted to fight Dalibor, knowing full well that he was outmatched. Galin put up a valiant effort, but was only able to land a single blow on Dalibor’s armor. Dalibor took great offense to this mere scratch, and retaliated by carving out Galin’s right eye, then slicing him straight down from his eye to his heart. Needless to say, Galin didn’t exactly survive this. Upon receiving his injuries, he doubled back in pain, and actually ended up falling out a window, falling as he was dying. His fall was what allowed him to survive as a Spirit. As Dalibor’s army was slaughtering people, he was making sure to collect the souls of all of his victims, allowing him to become more and more powerful, as well as preventing everyone who died in the kingdom from becoming Spirits… Everyone except Galin that is. Because he fell out of the castle, the wolves of the kingdom were able to drag his body to safety, preventing Dalibor from collecting his soul. Once safe, the wolves helped Galin reincarnate into a Spirit. When Galin woke up as a Spirit, the wolves he allied with greeted him with their true forms: Spirits, just like him. They ended up training Galin to use his new Spirit abilities until he was ready. Once Galin finished his training, he set out with one goal in mind: To kill all of the members of the Black Helm until he was strong enough to kill Dalibor himself. Fast forward a couple hundred years, and Galin has teamed up with Alexis, using her connections to help him track down the bigger members of Black Helm that have been evading him over the years.


Abilities – Very strong physically, able to fight expertly both armed with a sword and unarmed, and is capable of invoking temporary localized eclipses of the sun and moon to greatly boost his own power for a limited amount of time (Galin belongs to a race of wolf-Spirits known as Fenrycians, which are based off of Fenrir (, in case you are wondering the inspiration for that particular ability)

Out Of Context Quotes –

“As long as we were able to save a single person, our efforts will never have been in vain!”

“Just because your life has ended up less than ideal for you, doesn’t mean you can just go around blaming her for everything bad that has ever happened to you.”

“I’ll give you 5 seconds to fix this Haser, otherwise I’ll fix you by removing your head from your shoulders!”