Night Fox – Comic Post #129: Quit Complaining

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Finally back to the regular updates for now. Based off of the slightl increase of traffic to the site the past month, I’m going to assume that the chapters were marginally more interesting than the comics (though the absolutely minimal increase in engagement could just be because I was posting stuff more than once a week…) As to when I’m going to be continuing with the novel chapters, I can’t 100% say for certain when I’ll post chapter 5. Though because I don’t want the chapter updates to interrupt certain story beats in the comic, it might be a while…

That being said, I’m not completely winging it with the other chapters. I do have a general outline for how the events are going to unfold, and based off of how long the first 4 chapters were, I’m planning on writing around 16 chapters in total. With how I think everything is going to be paced, I’m thinking future updates are going to be 2 chapters at a time. And I have a VERY detailed outline of what happens in chapter 5 and 6, so I know exactly what is going to go into those chapters, I just need to actually just buckle down and get to writing them. I’m not omnipotent as much as I like to pretend I am, so these plans could change in the future, but as of now, this is what I’ve got plotted out so far.

That’s pretty much everything for this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Art Post – Night Fox Comic Short: Good Boy

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Comic Short - Good Boy

Here’s another little mini comic to show off a more light-hearted side to some of our antagonists, and show maybe Shira isn’t quite as nefarious as she looks (you know, in spite of all the gas lighting she’s been putting Alex through…). Also, Ripper can survive getting his head crushed. BECAUSE WE ALL CARED ABOUT HIM SOOOOO MUCH…

Now when the idea for this first plopped into my head, it was originally going to be a variant of the “Gee Bill! How Come Your Mom Lets You Eat Two Wieners? meme, but I realized that the format didn’t quite match the joke in my head, so I just decided to expand it a little into a smaller comic. Still not entirely sure what compelled me to want to draw this, though I guess it was probably because I hadn’t done anything with Shira or her “boys” in a couple of months and I just felt like rectifying that. Plus, I suppose it is fun drawing a skeleton shoving a cupcake down his non-existent gullet while chewing on it like an idiot. It’s the simple things in life really…

At any rate, next update is going to be the last chapter for a while as we’ll be returning to the usual update schedule of a comic a week. Not sure if it was the fact that most of the typing I’ve been doing lately has been novel chapters which are a LOT denser than the comic scripts I usually type or what, but the more recent comics I’ve been doing are going to be a lot longer than they usually are, so a big plus for those of you who wanted comics that are about 1.5 times longer than usual. One of the reasons I stuck with using a sketchbook for the comics (aside from laziness) was that it was a good way of measuring an okay length for each one. You know, one 11 x 14 inch page equals one comic. But now that I’m continuing to use multiple sketchbook pages for individual comics, I’m beginning to question whether or not I should even bother with that whole size metric in the first place…

Anyways, I have one last art post prepared for this Friday, so if I can think of anything else relevant, I’ll just post it with that one. But aside from that, I’m pretty much done here, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – Night Fox Comic Short: Answer The Call

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Comic Short - Answer The Call

Butts to this I say.

So originally this started off as just the colored picture of Kitsiyuna, as I was once again experimenting with different character poses. I settled on another butt shot because I wanted to try a pose that would give me a chance to really capture Kitsi’s more toned and muscular build and also because I really just want to draw hot girls. And if that’s good enough for Yoko Taro, it’s good enough for me. Anywho… once I finished the drawing, I ended up coming up with a comic idea surrounding it that wasn’t quite worth doing a full thing for so I just decided “FUCK IT! LET’S JUST MAKE THIS A LITTLE COMIC INSTEAD! I DON’T CARE AT THIS POINT! IT’S YOUR BLOG! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT BRO!” So I used it as a chance to also experiment how I do the panel layouts and what not. The method I used actually ended up taking a lot longer than expected as I ended up arranging the panels one at a time as their own individual things as opposed to my usual method of just drawing everything all at once on a slightly larger than average sketchbook page that I half-assedly divided up with a ruler before going over said divisions again in Photoshop. Because of the extra time it ended up taking, it’s probably not going to be a method I change to in the future unless its only for small comics like this one.

Anyways, hope you guys appreciate the butt. That’s all I really wanted to say for now, so until then, I’ll see you next post.

Night Fox – Comic Post #128: Heart To Heart

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Just a reminder that the novel posts are going to start going up next week. The first four chapters are going to cover the events that force Alex and Kitsiyuna into forming a Pact in the first place. That chapters have been written in a way that assumes you have absolutely no knowledge of anything in the web comic because I wanted it to be an okay starting off point if web comics aren’t your thing. I’m going to try to have two different versions of each chapter: one you can read in blog, and a PDF version. I mostly decided this in part because I can kind of understand how tedious it would get reading close to 20 pages worth of text on a blog without any page breaks, so I wanted to provide a more reader friendly alternative while still allowing those who can’t open PDFs (for one reason or another) to still be able to read them.

In terms of the supplementary content that I said I would be posting alongside the chapters for those with absolutely no interest in them, I’ve got most of it sorted out already. I’ve got a couple of old pictures ready to post that I still think actually look decent enough to go up online in addition to some much shorter comics which are mostly going to be one off jokes. The short comics are kind of going to be a way for me to test the waters in term of different tones and slight changes to aesthetic, so even after I’m done posting the chapters, I might still make some more of them in future if I can come up with enough ideas for them.

Anyways, just like I said last week, I hope you guys can bear with these temporary changes as the novel thing is something I really want to see if I can actually go through with. And for the rest of you who don’t care about any of this in the slightest (which I feel is going to be most people who actually read this post) well… we’re already good! So until then, I’ll see you next post.

Night Fox – Comic Post #127: Partner Vs. Partner Pg.9

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I actually had the last 3 pages all done at the same time, but I decided to hold off on posting them all in one go because I was putting the finishing touches on the first part of the novel and I didn’t want to have any weeks where I just had nothing to post. Thankfully, that extra time allowed me to get what I wanted to get done finished. So, starting after next week’s update, I’ll be posting a novel chapter at a time instead of a comic for 4 weeks (the amount of chapters I’ve actually got done).

Let me just say that, if you thought my comics could be pretty word heavy before, the novel chapters are not going to be a refreshing change of pace in the slightest. I’ve got a little over 80 pages written, with each chapter split pretty even at 20 pages each, so they might be long reads, but I hope that for any of you who do decide to read them, they don’t feel like they drag on and are actually well paced. That being said, these 4 chapters were only going to be 3 originally, but I ended up adding a lot of extra details I didn’t think I’d add, so I ended up needing an extra chapter in order to keep them all at a reasonable length, so things might not be as well paced as I would want them to be…

Now, for any of you who don’t care about the novel, unfortunately my decision to do them instead of the comics is basically because I spent so much time writing the chapters that I didn’t have the time or energy to actually come up with more comic scripts after next week’s. There’s only so much writing I can bring myself to do in such a short period of time after all… So essentially, if you only want comics, you’re probably going to have to wait as I use the chapters as a kind of “buffer” to get more written out and drawn. I know it’s not my regular content at this point, so I’m going to try to post some other art along side them during those 4 weeks. They’re not going to be anything to special, mostly just drawings I’ve done a while back that I never found a good time to post, though, some of them could still be comics, just of much shorter length than usual that are mostly just there for a quick laugh or two.

I know I should save all of this stuff to go with next week’s post, but I haven’t really communicated anything these past 9 comics, so I just wanted to get some kind of update out there immediately now that I finished this part of the comic so that you know what’s going to be going down. Anyways, I hope any of you who actually still pay attention to this blog will be willing to weather the temporary changes in the coming future. And if the idea of me writing a novel doesn’t sound like the greatest idea to you, I hope that the supplementary content I do alongside it is enough to hold you over until we get back on track in a month. So, until then, I’ll see you next comic.