Art Post – 3 Year Anniversary

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Night Fox 3rd Anniversary


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this little milestone. I mean, 3 years of doing this comic with only like, what, 4 missed updates at this point is kinda impressive, so I guess I can’t get too disappointed with myself that I’ve been sticking to this for that long… Drawing a comic each week has pretty much become routine at this point. So routine, it almost feels like work for me at this point, which, considering I earn no money through this comic, is maybe not quite where I want to be right now. I guess I should be happy that I still do have a job that is so easy and non-demanding that I can still do this silly webcomic on the side, even if I only earn $100 a week. I guess that’s one reason why I’m not sure how I feel about doing this for 3 years: the amount of time (and I guess energy, though I would be lying if I said this comic was that demanding) I put into this is starting to really feel like it’s just not worth it. In all honesty, it felt like that after my first year of doing this, and I’ve only compounded that feeling by adding 2 more years to that. This was supposed to be something of a passion project for me, and quite frankly, I feel like I lost most of that passion a long time ago. So why keep doing this alleged “passion project” if the passion for it is gone? Well, simply put, this is a story I’ve been creating for years and I want to get it out there in some form or another…

Speaking of story, that brings me to my next point of why I don’t feel so accomplished with this accomplishment: I’m not satisfied with how I’m telling the story. First, if you’ve been reading any of the posts I’ve been doing alongside the comics, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I feel like the plot of the comic has been going rather slow. There are times where I feel like the story is going at a snails pace, but I can’t make it go any faster without having to spend even more time writing and drawing so I can increase my comic output, and I don’t know if I could manage that. I essentially have to play the waiting game with my own story, which is an idea that I just absolutely hate. I could cut all of the filler comics that are just the characters screwing around, but then I would run into the problem of having to constantly think about how the plot is going to move forward from story beat to story beat. The filler is mostly there to give myself some extra time to really think those story beats through. And I feel that I REALLY need that extra time sometimes, as I already procrastinate a lot when it comes to writing. I’m very “particular” about the dialogue, which causes me to overthink the conversations the characters have, and makes me put off writing until the very last minute. Which, yah know, for a writer, is NOT A GOOD THING…

Compounding that issue with the comic’s pacing, is this constant desire I have to go back and redo the comic’s start. Mostly because the comic didn’t even start at the story’s intended beginning… You see. I come up with the premises to stories all the freaking time. I think of characters, and what kind of adventures those characters would get into all of the time… But, because I’m just so damn picky when it comes to my stuff, I can almost never settle on just how the stories even begin, and Night Fox was no exception. Which is why when I did finally scrounge up the courage to get this damn comic started, I just skipped the story’s intended beginning and just started from a point where Alex and Kitsiyuna already knew each other for a few months. I was fine with that decision at the time, because I just wanted to get something out there and stop constantly getting held up by the first hurdle. I thought at the time “There’s no way I’m even going to cover the entire story in this webcomic. I’ll eventually work my way towards my intended medium (which was an animated series at the time) after a couple of years, and then I’ll tell the whole story properly. It’s perfectly fine that I’m skipping the beginning for now…” As of now, I am no longer satisfied with that decision. If I really cared about telling this story, I should at least be able to tell its beginning.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to completely start over with this comic. I only want to temporarily step back, and tell the beginning parts of this story properly, and then go back to where I was originally. How much of the beginning events, I haven’t quite decided at this point. I know I definitely want to tell how Alex and Kitsiyuna formed their Pact, with the lastest story point that I would be willing to go back and cover is the duo meeting Sabrina for the first time. So anywhere between those two points would be fair game. I still need a little more time to plan all of this stuff out, but I’m thinking I’ll have something thought out as to just what the hell I’ll end up doing by the end of the month, or by the end of March if I get particularly held up. I might do it as a comic like I’ve been doing for these 3 years, but I’ve also considering changing things up a bit, and maybe approach it more like a light novel and do it mostly in writing. For now, since I have no definitive plans, we’ll just have to wait and see on that particular front…

With all of that said, I’ll end things here, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.



Night Fox – Comic Post #121: Just A Meaningless Death Pg.1

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So a little while back, I decided to design some of the indigenous fauna of the Spirit World to help better flesh out the world of Night Fox. The creatures Angel is mentioning here in the comic are just some of the ones I came up with. And, because I don’t ultimately want all of the drawings I did to go to waste: here’s one big ol’ compilation of some of the denizens of the Ranacarve Waterways.

Ranacarve Denizens

So, in order from left to right:

  • The purple snake like creature is called a Vibora. Like real world snakes, they have venomous fangs which they poison their prey with. Unlike real snakes, however, their venom often has a far different effect on the body if you were to get bitten by one. It usually results in necrotic flesh forming around the bitten area, though some turn you to stone when they bite you. The ones that live in the waterways actually cause frostbite in the ones that they bite. Some Vibora species also have extra sets of eyes which they can also use to mesmerize and hypnotize other weak-minded Spirits like the one pictured here. Finally, they have scales that are very rough to the touch, not unlike that of a real world shark, which can be exceptionally problematic for the Vibora species that act like boa constrictors and coil around prey, as they can very easily “sand” of the skin of whatever they’re trying to eat. Thankfully, as with pretty much every other Feral Spirit I’ll be going over here, most of the damage they cause can be easily mitigated by healing magic, though some more potent ones may be necessary in the case of Viboras with a particularly nasty venom.
  • The next two, if you’ve been following the comic for a while, you should be able to recognize as Poltergeists. Because they’ve already technically been covered in the comic already, I’ll keep their description brief. Essentially, Poltergeists are a kind of a forged artificial Spirit called a “Forgling”. While often times it requires Human/Spirit intervention to actually create one, they can sometimes form by accident. Residual Spirit Energy that is very abundant in the Spirit World, often coalesces together in some regions to form Forgling Cores, essentially the heart of any Forgling. A common task necessary in areas where these cores form is to gather them to a less active area. If not, a stray core may end activating on its own if it draws in enough energy. This usually results in the core drawing in raw materials from its surroundings to form a body, creating the Poltergeist, though once they draw in a particular substance, they tend to stick with that one while forming. The one on the left formed from water and rocks, while the right formed from rusty scrap metal. You can tell when a Poltergeist is near, as you’ll feel like all of your senses are being filtered through a very staticy CRT TV.
  • The big red worm thing is a Wereworm. They like to bore their way through the earth, essentially acting like giant earth worms. Unlike earthworms, Wereworms also have a taste for blood, so more like a giant earthworm mixed with a lamprey. Their massive size can make them formidable opponents, and some can even use powerful earth and blood magic. Those that live in the desert regions of the Spirit World often reach colossal sizes. Besting one of these colossal Wereworms in combat is usually a rite of passage for some races of Spirit.
  • The creepy white bipedal salamander thing is called a Lurcher. They are known for their habit of standing completely motionless for incredibly long periods of time out in the open, with nothing but a creepy smile on their face until they’re ready to strike. When they finally do move, they move lightning fast, in stark contrast to their typical habit of just sitting there. Their claws and spines are incredibly sharp, easily capable of cutting clean through most metals. When a Lurcher gets around to actually eating whatever it was trying to stalk, instead of eating through the mouth on its head, it uses a much larger second mouth one its stomach, often swallowing its prey whole. Unlike a lot of Feral Spirits, Lurchers can be very intelligent and cunning, capable of mimicking Human/Spirit speech to lure unsuspecting Spirits into traps.
  • The flaming blue bat is a Noctivolar. Like most bats in fictional settings, they are mostly just a nuisance to most Spirits that only come out in dark areas. They sometimes over aggressively dive bomb Spirits far larger than them while attacking them with will-o-wisps, though they are usually easily dispatched because they often choose poor targets to attack. Some Noctivolar are a little bit more dangerous however. Blood Noctivolar, are a much larger, dark red variant of the typical Noctivolar, and as their name would suggest, they like to suck blood. Unlike real world vampire bats though, they suck blood using massive boar-like tusks that grow from their lower jar. A particularly rare phenomena with Noctivolar, is that they occasionally form into a kind flock called a Noctivolar Legion, where 100s of them will flying together in synchronise as if they were all one lifeform with one conscious controlling everything. In cases like this, the entire Legion will share one accumulated life force between all of the individual members, and once enough damage has been dealt, the whole collective dies.
  • The black and purple shadow spider is called a Myuunshad. They are actually a very wide spread Feral Spirit throughout the Spirit World, capable of showing up in any region that gets regular amounts of darkness. The more uninterrupted darkness they get, the larger they end up growing. Being adept at shadow magic, they can become quite dangerous if left unchecked, and due to their nature of being almost entirely made up of shadow, they can be very tough to get rid of, as they can regenerate from injuries extremely easily. Light is their one weakness and is 100% necessary in order to completely kill one without it reforming, though just exposing one to a light source, including the sun itself, isn’t enough to flat out kill one, though it will slow it down and halt its regeneration. Living Shadows like the one Alex keeps in his man-sized safe, can be extracted from Myuunshads using a Laradrum Jar and are extremely useful when it comes to making shadow magic.
  • The giant green frog thing is called a Ranamox. These giant frogs start off fairly small, but bloat to massive sizes as they devour more and more food. And just what exactly do they eat? Metal, particularly metal weapons and armor, as they are often of a much higher quality than what they find just lying around out in the wild. The walls of the waterways actually had to be infused with a particular mineral that wards of Ranamox to stop them from eating through the entire waterway. If ever faced with one that you don’t think you can defeat, its often a good idea to simply feed it some metal objects you might be carrying on you and it will usually leave you alone while it eats, though a particularly “malnourished” one might still attack regardless. You can tell how well a Ranamox had been eating based off of their skin. If it’s skin looks like actual rust, it means it malnourished. If it’s skin is a shining golden hue however, it means that it has only been eating the highest quality weapons and armor. Ranamox Saliva is actually a highly valued commodity because of its use when it comes to polishing and sharpening weapons.
  • Finally, the last 4 turtle-like Spirits on the right are all the same kind of Spirit, known as a Kappa. Unlike the rest of the Spirits listed here, they are not a kind of  Feral Spirit, they are merely a different humanoid Spirit that any Human can turn into when they die not unlike an imp or an angel, though its usually not considered good luck if you end up turning into one… They are seen as very primitive from a cultural stand point in comparison to other races of Spirits, and most are seen as incredibly stupid. As a result, they are often shunned from greater Spirit society at large and are heavily discriminated against. As a result, they often form their own enclaves away from major cities so that they can keep to themselves, with the waterways being one such location. What doesn’t help their situation as well, is the fact they are seen as being extremely weak, with most knowing only very rudimentary water and sound magic, though there have been a few exceptions who have proven to be much more powerful. One way the race has gotten by, is by selling Crown Water as a sort of commodity, which is the water that pools into the bowls on their heads. While Crown Water is usually seen as incredibly disgusting due to it’s often poor quality and wildly inconsistent flavor, to some, it is seen as a luxury novelty with an acquired taste and can be sold for insane amounts of Sol to its fans who treat drinking the water kind of like a game “You never know what kind of a flavor you’re going to get”. Finally, most Kappa have a verbal tick, where they can’t help but pepper the phrase “kep” into most of their sentences, which can be extremely grating to some, but others can find endearing.

Dear god, that was a lot of typing. I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. So until then, I’ll see you guys next comic.


Art Post – Stop Begging

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Night Fox - Stop Begging

Here’s just a random drawing I did of Kitsiyuna I had just sitting around on my computer for a couple of weeks. Mostly just did it because I was bored and felt like practicing drawing Kitsi at different angles, and I felt like it had been a while since I had drawn her in color. I eventually ended up added the second panel to it, because I then got an idea for a quick joke and decided to add it to the picture. Also, because why not? I’m thinking I might do more of these small little comics in the future when the mood strikes me. I don’t really have too much to say about this thing. I mostly only posted it in the first place because I had dated it to 2017, and I was like “Well, if I don’t post it THIS YEAR, I’ll just look silly posting it at a potential later date now won’t I?” And as we all know, it would be metaphysically impossible for me to change the date on this drawing, what with me being lazy and everything. Anywho, I know the year is about to end and all, but I really have no particularly interesting thoughts I feel like getting out there, and I really don’t feel like expending the energy at this second to come up with something, so I’m probably just going to leave the post at that. At any rate, have a happy new year, and I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Merry Christmas 2017

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Alexis and Galin - Christmas 2017

Happy seasonal greetings to all of you humanoids of all non-specific religious and areligious denominations, may your December be festive and / or whatever is customary of your prescribed belief system and be filled with as much interaction and quality time with your family and / or family stand-ins as you feel comfortable with…

…Was that inclusive enough? Maybe I should’ve included all non-humanoids in the greeting as well… DAMN IT! I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THAT! NOW SOMEONE OR SOMETHING IS GOING TO FEEL LEFT OUT!

…Mocking of progressive PC culture aside, I’m honestly surprised I ended up doing this drawing in the first place, much less getting it done so early before Christmas. And when I say early, I mean I had to consciously hold off on finishing this drawing for a couple of weeks because I was working on this in November, WELL BEFORE Thanksgiving. You see, in my eyes, doing or bringing up anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving is a cardinal sin in my book, because I swear all stores start advertising for the damn holiday earlier and earlier each year. And that’s a problem for me, because the whole holiday is becoming something of a commercial nightmare where I feel forced to spend money that I don’t have, and I don’t like having to be reminded of it outside of its designated month of the year. I honestly feel it’s going to get to the point where eventually we’ll get Christmas ads in December… for the next year’s Christmas… And don’t even get me started on Christmas music… Feliz Navidad is literally the only good one, and that’s because it sounds absolutely nothing like any of the other crappy 90 year old songs they’ve been painfully ingraining into my head the past 24 years…

So, taking that curmudgeonly rant into account, WHY did I decide to do a Christmas drawing if I’m not so big on the holiday? In all honesty, it just sort of happened… I know I was kind of in the mood to do another non-comic drawing, when I just decided to draw Alexis, because I thought to myself “Hey, I haven’t been really drawing her too much this year. Let’s make some more art of her.” I suppose something just clicked in my head, and then I realized “Alexis probably looks pretty cute in a santa outfit and it would totally be in character for her to wear one, so let’s draw her in one, because who doesn’t like getting pandered to with some cute moe anime girls?” (Aside from the people who don’t like any of those things…) In literally 90 minutes, I had Alexis completely drawn and colored, because santa outfits are actually REALLY easy to draw. And that’s when I came to the realization “Why the hell am I doing this in November? Sean, you’re becoming what you hate! And you already kinda hate yourself a lot as it is…” So I decided to take a break from working on it.

Whilst on that break, something else just clicked in my head. “Galin is Alexis’s partner, he should be in the picture, especially considering he’s been in like, what, a SINGLE panel for this entire year of the comic… But what kind of seasonal outfit should he be wearing…?” And then I realized. The perfect Christmas outfit for Galin: A dumbass reindeer costume! Because nothing de-fangs an edgelord-esque character like Galin by making them look really stupid. And so, I eventually got to work finishing the picture, giggling to myself just how perfectly dopey the costume was coming out. When it came time to do the finishing touches, I decided to do a more graphicy / cartoony approach to the shading while keeping the background simple, because 1.) I felt it fit the picture better, and 2.) I was too lazy to do anything more demanding than that…

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how the drawing turned out. The line work is kind of on the simplistic side, but I’m not gonna stress it too much. I’m thinking this style of shading works the best with my art style out of all the different shading styles I’ve experimented with in the past. And I’m not just saying that because it also happens to be the quickest one to do out of the styles I’ve attempted. So basically, you can expect to see more drawings that look closer to this one, than the Judith one I did for Halloween in the future. That all being said, I hope you guys like it, and I hope you all have a good Christmas season this year and whatever that would entail for you on a personal level. And with that, I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Happy Halloween 2017

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Halloween Judith

“Happy Halloween darlings… I hope you don’t end up finding all of the horrors of the night to be too… stimulating… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!”

*cough cough*

Anyways, I decided to do another drawing for Halloween this year because I figured, eh, why the f**k not? Night Fox is a comic about ghosts and “spoops” after all. This year, I decided to do Judith, considering I just introduced her, and I figured “Hey. She just did some pretty creepy stuff in the comic… Bet I could make her look pretty creepy for a Halloween drawing as well because I’m literally too lazy to come up with any other ideas for one at this point…”

As you can see, I’ve been trying out doing a little bit more detailed shading than I usually do. I’m not 100% satisfied with how it turned out to be perfectly honest. I kinda think it doesn’t quite mesh too well with my kind of cartoony art style, so I’m not entirely sure if that’s going to be a regular thing for me when it comes to my art in the future. Though, I will say, I do think her hair turned out ab-SO-lutely fabulously in my opinion, if I had to pick which part of the picture I liked the best.

I also tried to experiment with different poses, which if you’ve seen me draw ANYTHING LATELY, you know is something I almost never do. Decided to do a pose with her sitting, looking down upon you with her spear drawn, with a demented, almost perverted grin on her face, ready to skewer you should she feel the urge… Coincidentally, that is not the same design for the spear I gave her in the comic. I know, being inconsistent like that is pretty bad, but I have a bad habit of going for the first design that pops into my head when it comes to minor things like that and then changing it later on down the line for something far less retarded. This is another one of those cases, as I like this spear design better…

So yeah, to summarize, basically experimenting with new angles and poses… So, if the proportions of anything look a little off, it’s probably because I have next to no experience drawing characters like this. In situations like that, I would normally track down a reference to use on Google, but, this was not exactly an easy pose to find a reference for, so I kind of had to make do with some guessing. While not perfect, it definitely could have turned out worse… Especially considering I did this whole thing with a mouse, with no pencil sketch to start me off. And if you’ve ever used a mouse for artwork before, you know how “unsuited” for the job they can get…

But that’s enough of me picking apart my own art. I hope those of you who are still of the right age enjoy your night of trick-or-treating, while the rest of you enjoy the discount pricing for Halloween candy the next day. At any rate, the next comic is on schedule for tomorrow as usual, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – Metroid: Samus Returns Hype!

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Samus Returns 9-15-17

I know this isn’t what I usually post, and it has been a while since I’ve posted just random artwork on the blog, but with the fact that a new Metroid game was coming out and the fact that I hadn’t really drawn anything aside from the comic in a while sort of inspired me. So, in honor of the Return of Samus’s release, and the fact that I am a pretty big Metroid fanboy, I decided to draw some fanart of Samus. Fun fact, this is actually the first piece of fanart I’ve ever drawn. Why it took me until I was 24, I have no idea. Also, oh dear god, I just realized I’ve been 24 for a month now, which to be fair, could be much worse… I could be 25…

At any rate, the whole thing actually took a lot less time than I expected it would, maybe only about 11 hours of total work. Probably the most time consuming part was doing the outline to her gun and heels. I know, I could’ve just drawn the Zero Suit design that didn’t have the rocket heels… But I’m one of those few people who didn’t mind her getting them in Smash Bros and thought that they were kind of badass (they did make her pretty damn close to S-Tier in Smash 4 after all), so I decided to just suck it up and draw them. Overall, I’m very pleased with how she turned out, which is pretty rare for me, considering I always tend to pick apart pretty much all of my artwork whenever I finish a picture, so the fact that isn’t the case here might just lead to me doing more art like this in the future. Though, who can really say for certain at the moment…

Also, second fun fact time: You may notice I draw Kitsiyuna with a similar face and hair style to Samus (well, at least with the way how I draw Samus anyways, they’re supposed to look similar). That was very much a deliberate choice on my part when I finalized Kitsiyuna’s design for the comic. Me being the big fanboy that I am, decided to take Samus’s physical appearance and use it as a basis for Kitsiyuna’s design (you know, before I added her kitsune features and what not). So Kitsiyuna having long blonde hair styled the way it is in addition to her being very tall, especially for a girl, and fairly muscular is a result of me being inspired by Samus’s design, who in the cannon of Metroid is also supposed to be pretty tall (pretty sure anyways, I could be talking out of my ass…), and who I would also assume is supposed to be pretty muscular as well. The more you know!

At any rate, I’ve rambled enough here. I would spend some time talking about Samus Returns, but as of the time of me typing this post, I haven’t actually been able to pick up my copy yet. The comic for next week is going to be on time Wednesday at 11AM Eastern, give or take a couple of minutes depending on how distracted I get when it comes time for me to actually post it (I don’t trust the schedule a post thing on WordPress to work properly, so I post manually). With all of that out of the way, I have nothing else to really say right now, so until then, I’ll see you next mission post.

Art Post – 2 Year Anniversary

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Here’s to 2 years of Night Fox! And now, a little bit of introspection:

When I first started this comic, I began with some very lofty aspirations for how it would go, and how popular it would end up getting. Looking where I’m at right now currently… I have to say, back then, I was very naive and I needed to have my expectations tempered.

I had drawn comics before in my spare time all throughout high school, though I think I had been drawing comics all the way back as early as elementary school. Anyways, they were never anything all too special, and my drawing capabilities were extremely lacking back then compared to now, but when I showed them to my friends, they were usually pretty impressed and I got a fair amount of laughs out of the jokes I had made. I got content with the mild praise I got for my comics in high school, and just sort of didn’t really do anything else with them once I graduated. I went onto community college immediately after the summer I graduated, where I hit a few speed bumps. All of the friends I had gotten over the years of attending public school just sort of, went away. I only stayed in contact with 1 or 2 of them for maybe a semester before I sort of gave up contacting them. My fellow classmates in college were more or less all strangers to me at that point. It was because of that, that I sort of lost my drive to do any more comics for a while, because after all, I didn’t have any friends to show them off to, so why bother?

From there, I took a 9 month break from community college after a semester and a half to go attend a “special” trade school of sorts. When I first started taking classes in college, I didn’t really have much of a focus for what I wanted to end up doing (I mostly wanted to just keep doing art related stuff, but I knew I was probably never going to get money doing that), so my mom said I should learn at least some kind of practical skill to make it easier to get a job, which is why I went to the trade school until I could sort those things out. It was the first time I had lived away from home, and it is there that I tried my hand at learning computer repair. The only problem was, living at that school was the worst experience of my life. I hated my roommates and most of the other students. The only people I got along with were the other people in the computer repair program, but they weren’t enough to make me feel like I wasn’t rotting away at that place. So I tried to finish up my program there as fast as I could. What resulted was that I learned enough to pass the program, but not enough to actually do computer repair properly. I did managed to get certified, but I had so little confidence in my abilities, that I never ended up doing anything with that certification. It was 9 months pretty much wasted at a school that felt more like a prison at times, and to make matters worse: I still didn’t know what I wanted to do once I went back to attending community college again.

Thankfully, some of my initial hang ups with community college went away once I got back. For starters, I didn’t have to walk 30 minutes to get to my classes any more, because I was able to get my driver’s license and a car. My older brother had also ended up moving back in after he got fed up with living in Florida, so it wasn’t just me and my mom anymore back at home. More importantly, with my brother moved back in, I finally had someone else to bounce comic ideas off of again. I eventually settled into the course I had first picked when attending college, as I saw it was pretty much the best option for me, that course being Graphic Design. I had gotten a lot more comfortable talking to my other classmates, so I didn’t feel the need to keep to myself in my classes any more. And as a result, I wasn’t as nervous showing people stuff I had been drawing. I wasn’t as good as I am now (and right now, I’m not too afraid to admit I’m still pretty average), but my drawings were good enough to them to earn me some praise. A lot of people said that I should start posting stuff online. I knew that was logically the next step, but I still didn’t feel ready for that at that point.

I dragged my feet for a couple of months on the idea of getting a presence online, but I never really acted on it until eventually I was required to start a blog for one of my classes. If you had been following the comic from the beginning, you’d know that that class blog would eventually transform into this one. It might not have been as idle of a start as I had wanted, but in the end, I had finally gotten myself to post some of my artwork online. I started off bright eyed and beaming about the possibility of my comic being able to reach so many people, but, as I stated earlier, I set my expectations way too high.

The comic did not really take off all that fast, and I didn’t actually have any idea how to do a web comic in the slightest. I didn’t have an optimal setup for how to arrange the panels, or how to set up the speech bubbles, and I never saved the files in a web-friendly resolution, so the comics ended up being massive. I used to, and still do, make a lot of typos that I only end up catching after I finish uploading things. And I still cannot nail a consistent look for the comic, having changed the general layout and how much detail  I put into the comics at least 4 times (ie, whether or not I do backgrounds, whether or not I do shading, or even whether or not I just do everything in pencil). In those first 2 years, there were so many times that I just wanted to give up on the whole thing, because it just felt so pointless as nobody was even reading the thing, with there being stretches of entire months where it seemed like even the people who were following the blog had stopped bothering. And to be perfectly honest, there are still times where I want to just give up on the whole thing now. But at least now, if I decided to give up, it would only be so that I could start over again now that I have some idea of how to actually make a web comic.

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t think I’ll end up truly giving up on doing a comic online. I’ll only end up stopping so that I can do it better my next go. And sure, while things have been slow, and nobody leaves any comments to tell me what they like or don’t like about the comic, at least I’m still getting likes, and still getting new people following the blog, which tells me at least people are reading. As slow as the pace that I’m going is, I’m still getting followers each month, and even if it’s only one person a month, it still enough for me. I also still get really excited and happy whenever I get just a single like. The knowledge that someone still wants to read my comic is what truly makes me happy about doing this. And while I’m not sure how reliable WordPress’s stats are, I can still tell I’m growing, and not just stagnating into obscurity. After my first year, I only had 52 likes, and maybe some 10 followers. Now, as of typing this, I’ve gotten 169 likes and 39 followers. It’s not a huge increase over the first year, but it definitely is an improvement, and it’s all thanks to you guys.It can take a long time to build yourself up, but so long as things keep going at this rate, sooner or later, I think Night Fox can get there. You just have to remember, pretty much everything started off with a humble beginning…

Anyways, I feel like I said most of what I wanted to say, so until then, I’ll see you next post.