Night Fox – Comic Post #100: That’s Retarded

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Well would you look at that? The comic count has now officially reached the triple digits! (you know, discounting literally every single other comic that came before this one as I always had zeros at the front of all the numbers). Ain’t that something special?

…Well it shouldn’t be, considering the fact that this comic is actually the 133rd comic I’ve done for Night Fox. You gotta count all the pages individually for the comics I did with multiple pages after all. To be perfectly honest though, when I was first writing the script for this comic, I didn’t actually realize it was going to end up being comic one double-O. So it’s actually a bit of a happy little coincidence that the very first Spirit Alex and Kitsiyuna dealt with on screen made his triumphant return for this comic (because I’m sure everybody missed Legless Nic Cage here, who I still don’t have an actual proper name for).

At any rate, I’m still making “art assets” for my side project that I’ve been doing. I’ve definitely slowed down a bit, which I don’t consider a very good sign, but I still think I can stay on schedule enough to get it finished “in time”. As to how the side project is going to tie into the comic? Well, the next comic just might provide some insight into that… Anywho, that’s enough rambling for now, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #099: Heat Transfer

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Can I just say, I really hate how bi-polar the weather can be around where I live? One night, I’m struggling to fall asleep because its so freaking hot and I actually have to sleep above my sheets if I want to be at a reasonable temperature, and then the very next night, I have to cover up with extra blankets because now its too damn cold. Why can’t the damn weather every decide to actually settle in on what season it wants to be? It’s always bouncing in between summer and winter weather around here when it comes to the temperature… Despite the fact that we’re still well into the middle of spring…

Anyways, my little side project is certainly coming along… Well, coming along through the phase where I’m making up designs for everything at least… Though, as a quick little progress report, I still have more than about 70% of the stuff still needing to be designed and/ or “implemented”. So actually, I’m still kind of far off from finishing things up on this “phase”. I’m still not sure when I’m going to be comfortable to show off what I’m doing. That being said, it is going to tie into a certain plot point in the comic which is still going to be quite a few months off, so I’ve still got quite a bit of time to show it off before it stops being “relevant to the story”.

At any rate, I’ve rambled on enough, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #098: Cut To The Chase

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I’m just going to come on out in admit it: this entire encounter was pretty much all just a set up to let Kaz have a “cool” moment in the comic. It’s almost like I’m trying to set up his character as a guy whose a little unsatisfied with how boring his life is so he wants to go on cool adventures, or something like that… Who knows?

But in other news, I’m sort of thinking about taking up a bit of a side project to work on alongside the comic. I’m still in the planning stages of the thing for now, and for the most part, I’m going to be the only one working on it, so I have no idea how long it’s actually going to end up taking. Because again, still planning everything out to make sure that it’s not too unreasonable of a task for me to do, I’m not exactly going to be saying what specifically it is. That said, I will at least say it will tie into the comic in some form. Once I’m a little bit more confident about this side project, I might drop some more information on it, but I just want to say this now: it might not necessarily come to fruition. Anyways, now with that bit of news out of the way, I guess I’ll just see you next comic.



Night Fox – Comic Post #097: A Tough Break-Up

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So fun fact time about this little story beat here:

When I first was trying to come up with a good introductory story for the comic, I went through 3 different versions before I settled on the draft that I did. (Well technically, it was 7, but I’m not counting the 4 different Night Fox comics I drew each year in high school, because I ended up dropping those all for a very good reason i.e. they all REALLY sucked…) The first version I made as a web comic involved Alex and Kitsiyuna getting hired by Sabrina to track down her husband who had been abducted by an evil Spirit. I might’ve ended up using that draft were it not for the fact that I decided to keep it a secret that Kitsiyuna was a Spirit… for well over 60 pages worth of script…  Having to write around a secret identity like that for a main character made the story awkward at quite a few points for a plot twist that wasn’t even going to be that great to begin with. Plus, again, I had over 60 pages written for that opening story, which by all rights, was probably way too long (at the rate I’m doing comics, that “intro” would’ve probably taken at least a year to do). So you can probably see why I dropped that one, though I might revisit that story later as part of a flashback or something.

But that’s a bit of a tangent, the more pertinent bit here was my next attempt at doing an opening. The next draft actually started with a set up almost identical to this comic right here, give or take a few changed details (Kaz wasn’t involved originally, and the girlfriend was a little more sympathetic… But not by much). I even copied some of the dialogue word for word from that draft and reused it in this comic. Now, the reason I decided not to go with this one originally had more to do with what is coming up after this comic: it had a pretty long action sequence as they were chasing the guy down. I realized kind of early in drawing the action sequence, that I might’ve been biting of more than I could chew at the time. So I dropped that draft, and moved onto the 3rd version of the web comic, (the one I actually stuck with) which had a bigger focus on dialogue over action. For what I have planned for the next comic, I think I’ve learned my lesson just a bit, and reeled back in the chase sequence so that it’s only one comic long.

And there you have it, more insight into my writing process. The more you know, or something right? Because all of that was so riveting… At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #096: Stalking Pretty Ladies

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I was hoping in the time it would take for me to type up this blog post, I would come up with something that is profound and interesting to say. I didn’t…

If you can name what I was trying to reference with that bit, you win the prize! …Which is of no monetary value at all, as it is merely the knowledge that you have my admiration for having played the same video game franchise I’ve played. Which really, who can put a value on that?

Anyways, there is a bit of an interesting little detail behind this, and the next 2 comics that do give them a little bit more significance in the grand scheme of things (at least in comparison to most of the other comics), but I’m being lazy, so I’ll save divulging what that detail is for next week. At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #095: Spring Cleaning

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I don’t necessarily know about you guys, but if I lived in a world with magic items like these being easily accessible and common place, I would also probably just end up hoarding them all up in one place and never use them, because I too, suffer from Too Awesome to Use Syndrome. How do I know this? Because any remotely interesting thing that I’ve ever gotten that is in some way disposable, I end up hoarding in my room and never end up actually using. At one point, my parents got us boxes of fire crackers to screw around with one 4th of July. Rather than use them up immediately like my brother and sister did that very same day, I instead decided to take my boxes into my room and keep them there, thinking to myself “Hey! These could really come in handy at some point later on!” I still have those fire crackers just lying around somewhere after all of these years. I also have a roll of Police Tape that I’ve had for a similar amount of time. My sister pulled a prank on me with it, and used it to block off the door to my bedroom. Rather than tossing the tape once I got it off my door, I decided to roll it up and stick it in one of my dresser drawers, because I also thought to myself “Police Tape? I bet this will be useful later!” (It didn’t have any adhesive on it, so it was technically reusable) Still haven’t used it for anything to this day, not even to prank my sister back. And I’ve also got at least 2 CPR Masks sitting around in my room as well from when I was required to take a First Aid class in community college. While those might be a little bit more understandable keeping around, I don’t think I actually remember anything I learned in that class, so those masks would be kind of pointless to keep around. I’m beginning to think I might just be a Point and Click Adventure game protagonist waiting to happen.

That bit of insight into my dull life aside, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.




Night Fox – Comic Post #094: Taking It A Little Bit Too Far

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Want to emotionally distress random strangers for shits and giggles? Then you too can play the “Related Game”! All you have to do is go to some public place with a friend or family member of whom your relation can be easily misconstrued in several different ways (i.e. a brother and sister getting mistaken for a boyfriend and girlfriend). Go up to random strangers, tell them the most messed up backstory you can think of (most likely involving some kind of implicit unwanted sex) for the two of you, and see their reactions when they think you’re both horrible people (the more outlandishly believable you can make the story, the better, so use stuff like props, or additional people to help make your screwed up story more plausible), then laugh when you tell them that you were just kidding. You can consider yourself a winner if you actually get the cops called on you. Actually getting arrested for your words is optional, but will net you bonus points in the spirit of the game. (Don’t actually get yourself arrested or put on probation for a joke like that, because that’s just a stupid fucking thing to do…) Also, make sure to film any potential exchanges with strangers on the off chance that their reactions might be internet worthy, because “social experiment” videos like that are all the rage on YouTube… for some reason… And if you do get in trouble, just remember the words: “It’s just a prank bro!” , which will instantly relieve you of any particular punishment you might’ve ended up facing for your actions. Everything is a-okay when you do it for the lols after all. (Or the keks depending on your ethnic background…)

Aside from that little bit of fooling around and just general nonsense that you can pretty much ignore or disregard, much like everything else I do on this site… I don’t have much else to say this week, so I’ll just leave you with a “see you next comic”.