Night Fox – Comic Post #140: An Angel’s Grief

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So Angel is taking the aftermath of her mission in Kalreeshu like a champ, huh? I’m sure this little confrontation with her boss where she punches him into unconsciousness will have absolutely NO long standing consequences in the future… NONE WHAT-SO-EVER… I mean, come on! Have you seen the guy who writes this crap? Total hack… : /

Anyways, I know some of you might think it’s a little lame that I killed off someone off-screen, as minor of a character Sheraquel actually was… Don’t worry. That bit a few weeks ago where I said I was done with Kalreeshu? I lied. There are still a couple more plot details that I’m going to be ironing out in the future, including, but not necessarily limited to: the aftermath of the cistern’s collapse, Angel meeting up with Alexis and Galin, Angel’s conversation with Blackhorn, and how everything just kinda went to shit. Granted, all of this will be PRETTY far into the future, but I just needed to have some kind of temporary conclusion in the mean time for Angel’s side story so that I could get back to focusing on Alex and Kitsiyuna. Now, a good writer probably shouldn’t be breaking up stuff like that when trying to balance multiple story threads. But you gotta remember. The loser who writes this dumb ol’ web comic…? Total hack… : P

…I think that’s enough self-deprecation for this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.



Night Fox – Comic Post #135: The Butcher Of 10,000 Reapers

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Well this is more or less the end of Angel’s mission in Kalreeshu… I wonder how many of you actually saw the mission ending as badly as it did right here and predicted something like this would happen. I know it’s a downer note to end on, but hey, the good guys can’t always be scrapping by by the skin of their teeth.  Even in the best stories, sometimes the heroes just gotta lose… That said, this is kind of a sudden note to seemingly end on, considering there are quite a few other characters unaccounted for, but the aftermath of this will be followed up on, I promise… Just not immediately, and in smaller, more spaced out chunks in comparison to how this side story had been going. Think less mutli-pagers for 2 months at a time and more one-offs sprinkled in here and there over the coming story arcs.

In other news, for those of you who missed it last week, I’m taking a small break from updating next week. Mostly just doing it to build back up my backlog as well as finish writing up the second half of the next story arc, which will be a little bit less of a downer than this one… probably. I mean, at the very least I can say with absolute certainty no named characters are going to die… While I really do hate myself more than I usually do whenever I skip an update, you did get 3 pages out of me this week. I consider it a fair trade off in this instance, since you guys are technically getting one more page than you would normally get in the grand scheme of things. Anyways, I don’t really have much else to say this week, so until then, I’ll just see you next comic.

(There is a possibility I have something to post for next Wednesday, but I wouldn’t specifically count on it…)

Night Fox – Comic Post #134: Criminals Plotting Pg.4

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The grand finale of this little “arc” is coming up next week. While it wasn’t what I had originally planned, comic 135 is going to be another multi-pager, though this time, I’m just going to be posting all of the pages for it at once. Because it’s coming out all at once instead of over the course of a couple of weeks, it’s going to majorly eat into the buffer of comics I had built up. And because I like having a buffer just on the off chance I can’t get an update done in a week, or I want to pull something like this again in the future, I’m probably going to end up skipping an update the following week. Under most circumstances, I would suck it up and just deal with the fact that I’ll be working with a smaller backlog as I slowly try to build it back up. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been making the comics get progressively longer and longer, so it’s probably unlikely I would be able to get them finished at the same rate, making it so I can’t get the backlog built up again and eventually causing me to get to the point where I have to rush to get the comics finished the day I update. And that’s not the kind of pressure I want to be putting on myself with this webcomic…

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #133: Black Heaven’s Role Call

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…Of course I say that, and yet, with what I have planned for the story in the future, only one of these guys is going to really have a prominent role as an antagonist to our main characters within the web comic. I’m saying it like that because there is a very real chance I’m going to end the web comic early (and when I say early, I mean like years from now) once I reach a certain point in the plot I have planned way out in the future and will simply continue the story in some other kind of medium. With how slow I’ve been when it comes to advancing this story, I don’t want to be working on this comic forever after all…

Now, I was originally going to give a brief description of each of the Black Heaven commanders’ races, as just putting the names there probably doesn’t mean much when 4/5s of them I just made up… But then I decided not to do that because A: I’m lazy, and B: it’ll make it more of surprise when you get to see what they are REALLY capable of in the future. Basically I don’t want to give away too much now because MOST of it will probably be covered later. Though, if you are curious, you can read the 2nd novel chapter for some VERY BRIEF information on Cornossas. Also, you can try googling Nekomata as well, as that is the 1/5 I didn’t completely make up, though keep in mind I am definitely taking some liberties in regards to the Nekomata’s typical depiction.

Anyways, we’re obviously not done with these guys yet, so you might be able to gleam more about them in the coming comics, but other than that, I’m mostly done yammering. So, until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #132: Learning Balance From Past Mistakes (All Pages)

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I think this is the first time I’ve ever done a post a day for 3 consecutive days. Not like I’m acting like that’s anything momentous… It’s just… Amusing to me. Anyways, I’ll see you all next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #132: Learning Balance From Past Mistakes Pg.4

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So in the original draft of this comic’s script, the scene with Alexis and Galin at the end wasn’t included. This is kind of a testament to how bad I am at planning out proper lengths to my comics, but pretty much the only reason I added that was because otherwise this page was going to be too short on its own… That being said, the bit showing off our two new antagonists here in Diego and Rayze was always planned to be in from the beginning (and if you’re wondering why Rayze looks like that one guy with sand powers, Greever, it’s because they’re the same race of Spirit, known as an Antlion).

Now, in regards to Diego and Rayze, they were actually the first villains I ever came up with for Night Fox all the way back my freshmen year of high school. While they did have slightly different names back then (I think I called them Dicom and Dayse), they were the very first enemy Spirit Spiriter team Alex and Kitsiyuna were going to face up against. Obviously, I have made several changes to the general story since then, but I’ve always decided to keep the two of them in the story for some reason or another. Just to give you a bit of perspective of just how long I’ve had these two around: only Alex, Kitsiyuna, and Galin existed as characters before them (technically Kaz did as well, but he was a drastically different, exceedingly minor character back then who mostly just served as a named classmate of Alex). Of course I say all of that, talking these two up like they’re actually going to be important in the coming events, and yet this is only going to be an early introductory cameo for them, as we’re not actually going to be seeing them in action for quite some time.

While we’re on the subject of villains making their first appearances though, next comic is going to introduce quite a few more of them, which shouldn’t actually be a surprise if you’ve actually been paying attention to the plot so far. I feel like we’ve been pretty light on some actual major antagonists at this point (we only really have Shira and her minions right now), so getting to introduce so many of them at once is kind of exciting to me. I was so eager in fact, that next week’s comic I actually ended up making twice as long as one of my normal comics! Doing stuff like that is kind of how I can be okay with myself only posting one comic a week even though I could probably manage to do slightly more than that: because some of those comics end up being way longer than usual thus it FEELS like I’m doing more. I’m still pretty damn lazy about this whole thing… But at least I don’t always FEEL that way… : ^I

Anyways, I’m done spouting words, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.