Night Fox – Comic Post #129: Quit Complaining

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Finally back to the regular updates for now. Based off of the slightl increase of traffic to the site the past month, I’m going to assume that the chapters were marginally more interesting than the comics (though the absolutely minimal increase in engagement could just be because I was posting stuff more than once a week…) As to when I’m going to be continuing with the novel chapters, I can’t 100% say for certain when I’ll post chapter 5. Though because I don’t want the chapter updates to interrupt certain story beats in the comic, it might be a while…

That being said, I’m not completely winging it with the other chapters. I do have a general outline for how the events are going to unfold, and based off of how long the first 4 chapters were, I’m planning on writing around 16 chapters in total. With how I think everything is going to be paced, I’m thinking future updates are going to be 2 chapters at a time. And I have a VERY detailed outline of what happens in chapter 5 and 6, so I know exactly what is going to go into those chapters, I just need to actually just buckle down and get to writing them. I’m not omnipotent as much as I like to pretend I am, so these plans could change in the future, but as of now, this is what I’ve got plotted out so far.

That’s pretty much everything for this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Art Post – Summer Time 2018

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Summer 2018

And here comes the last picture for the art train as we drift back to our regular update schedule of a single comic every Wednesday. I decided to stop being lazy for a change and decided to do not only something with a background, but with an actual significant amount of characters in it. I actually started this picture at the very end of May, and I’m not going to lie: I actually didn’t think I’d finish this til the end of August as I have been getting pretty bad at finishing my digital pieces with in a reasonable frame of time. (Just a quick frame of reference, that picture of Astria I started in December of last year and didn’t get around to finishing it till MARCH..) So yeah, another bad behavior I want to hopefully nip in bud.

Anyways, why did I decide to do a group shot of most of the important casts members (plus Kaz’s sister Jeanie) at the beach? Just felt like it I guess… Though getting to draw the girls in swimsuits might’ve played a tiny factor in my decision making. That being said, the most prominent display of skin is coming from Kaz this time, so you can’t say this picture doesn’t have something for the ladies / gay dudes…

This is another one of those pictures where I tried changing up how I did the shading. Rather than just use a base color and one darker color for most of the shading with some highlights here and there, I tried using multiple colors of various light values to do the shading this time. And I just gotta say, I kind of regret it. It took so much longer to do than my usual method, which is what initially put me off to the idea of even finishing this off in a timely manner, so I wasn’t as motivated to get it done at first. I eventually buckled down and tried to get one “feature” (ie one character or piece of background) done a day, which just feels bad when you have to force yourself to do art. I eventually got into the groove and got the last third all finished in one day, but it’s debatable if it even turned out better than my usual shading. Not to mention, the way I kind of screwed up the sunlight (probably made it look a little too glary, though that could just be because I’m previewing the picture within the post on an all white background), kind of makes it hard to see in the first place.

Still, I challenged myself and it didn’t turn out as the absolute worst thing I’ve posted to this blog, (lord knows how awful the stuff I posted in my first couple of months look in comparison as I refuse to go back and check) so I guess I can’t be too disappointed in this picture. Anyways, the next piece of art I’m going to post is probably going to be of Ace, which I’m probably going to procrastinate on because I haven’t drawn him in years and as such, he was in need of a slight redesign… And I’m not going to lie, the drawing I did for his redesign was just a smidge more complicated than it probably needed to be, so shading it might take a bit…

I think that’s pretty much everything I wanted to say. Again, regular boring update schedule again for the foreseeable future, so until then, I’ll see you next post.


Art Post – Night Fox Comic Short: Good Boy

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Comic Short - Good Boy

Here’s another little mini comic to show off a more light-hearted side to some of our antagonists, and show maybe Shira isn’t quite as nefarious as she looks (you know, in spite of all the gas lighting she’s been putting Alex through…). Also, Ripper can survive getting his head crushed. BECAUSE WE ALL CARED ABOUT HIM SOOOOO MUCH…

Now when the idea for this first plopped into my head, it was originally going to be a variant of the “Gee Bill! How Come Your Mom Lets You Eat Two Wieners? meme, but I realized that the format didn’t quite match the joke in my head, so I just decided to expand it a little into a smaller comic. Still not entirely sure what compelled me to want to draw this, though I guess it was probably because I hadn’t done anything with Shira or her “boys” in a couple of months and I just felt like rectifying that. Plus, I suppose it is fun drawing a skeleton shoving a cupcake down his non-existent gullet while chewing on it like an idiot. It’s the simple things in life really…

At any rate, next update is going to be the last chapter for a while as we’ll be returning to the usual update schedule of a comic a week. Not sure if it was the fact that most of the typing I’ve been doing lately has been novel chapters which are a LOT denser than the comic scripts I usually type or what, but the more recent comics I’ve been doing are going to be a lot longer than they usually are, so a big plus for those of you who wanted comics that are about 1.5 times longer than usual. One of the reasons I stuck with using a sketchbook for the comics (aside from laziness) was that it was a good way of measuring an okay length for each one. You know, one 11 x 14 inch page equals one comic. But now that I’m continuing to use multiple sketchbook pages for individual comics, I’m beginning to question whether or not I should even bother with that whole size metric in the first place…

Anyways, I have one last art post prepared for this Friday, so if I can think of anything else relevant, I’ll just post it with that one. But aside from that, I’m pretty much done here, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – The Last Of Her Kind

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Astria Lun Sola

Continuing the art train, we have another character whom I briefly mentioned earlier this week as part of my sci-fi comic idea (still not 100% on any title for it yet, though I usually call it Omni Quest when discussing story ideas with my brother). This right here is Astria, or if we go by her full name, Astria Lun Sola. Though she appears human on the surface, she is actually a member of a race of aliens that have long since disappeared from the galaxy known as the Celestarians. Not much is known about the Celestarians other than the fact that they once had an incredibly far reaching empire that encompassed the entire Milky Way. The empire has since been reduced to nothing but remnants of old ruins and barely functional technology that they left behind that the other races have been trying to figure out how to work. One thing that is known that when humanity finally left Earth and came into contact with other alien species, the aliens mistook humans for Celestarians due to their almost identical physiology (the most notable difference between the two that you could see at a glance is that Celestarians have star-shaped pupils). That aside, nobody really knows what happened to the Celestarians, or even if they’re still alive, so as far as the rest of the galaxy is concerned, Astria is the last of her kind.

Being the last of her kind, Astria was seen as something of a commodity and was captured and forced into slavery from a very young age. From there, she was sold around to some less than reputable people over and over again, gradually forgetting her past as a side effect of the slave crown installed to her head, something that forces her into obedience. Even after being freed by Ace, she cannot remove the slave crown from her head without dying until she finds the person who installed it on her in the first place and gets them to take it off. At the very least Ace was able to get it partially deactivate for her, though it still has its side effects, including giving her random personality shifts and making her a little more compliant than she’d like. Because of this, nobody really knows what her original personality was like, but regardless of that, she is fiercely loyal to Ace for freeing her while also being overly protective of Sean due to empathizing with his plight of trying to find his place in this new world. Of course, it doesn’t take long before Sean finds out that Astria may just be the key to figuring out just how he got into the future in the first place…

Anyways, that’s all I really have to say about Astria for now. As of typing this, I don’t really have any other pictures of the other characters from this series ready to post. Though you can probably expect me to draw and post a couple of them at some point in the future. At the very least you can expect Ace, as he’s kind of an important character in the comic, forming a sort of power trio with Sean and Astria, and it would feel kind of weird not having some kind of art of him on the blog. At any rate, I’m done yammering, so until then, I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Powering Up

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Powering Up

Here’s some more art for yet ANOTHER comic idea I’ve had rolling around in my head for maybe like one year less than Night Fox. This one is far more sci-fi focused and it’s one that I’ve been a little bit hesitant to really talk about for a reason you’ll see in a little bit. It involves the main character (pictured here) getting into a car accident in the early 21st century before waking up in some kind of a strange military facility on a completely different planet 5000 years into the future, kind of like Futurama. After waking up, the main character finds out that he has a strange device fused to his chest called the Omni Crest that allows him to summon armor around various parts of his body that give him superhuman abilities. And nobody, including the military has any idea why or even how he got into the facility in the first place.

Not long after waking up, he gets captured by space pirates who try to use him as a hostage to escape the planet that they are on. While under the pirates’ control, he befriends a girl they’ve been keeping as a slave named Astria. The pirate’s attempts to escape end up failing as the main character and Astria get rescued by Captain Ace Drhys, an elite soldier in the human alliance’s military. A few other events happen that eventually cause Ace to decide to recruit the two of them into his elite crew for a mission that could involve the fate of the entire galaxy. Wanting answers for how he traveled 5000 years into the future and with little other options available to him, the main character agrees despite having lived his entire life up until that point as an overcautious coward who has never done anything with his life.

So why have I been hesitant to talk about this comic idea before? Mostly for the same reason I haven’t been saying the main character’s actual name, because when I originally came up with this comic idea back in 10th grade, the main character was supposed to be a self-insert I named Sean Edens. Something at this point I know as a writer is an extremely tacky thing to do. That being said, I still feel inclined to keep him as Sean if only because I see it as a challenge to write a self-insert with crazy super powers without making them come off as a Mary Sue (though for guys, I guess that would be a Gary Stu). Mostly, I want to see if I can play up my more pathetic qualities that I actually have in real life (i.e. being whiny, lazy, and extremely risk adverse) and see if I can still turn them into a believable sci-fi hero. Will I be able to succeed on that front? Maybe if I actually get off my lazy ass and decide to actually do something with this idea, we’ll be able to tell…

Anyways, I’m pretty much done here, so until then, I’ll see you next post.



Art Post – Night Fox Comic Short: Answer The Call

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Comic Short - Answer The Call

Butts to this I say.

So originally this started off as just the colored picture of Kitsiyuna, as I was once again experimenting with different character poses. I settled on another butt shot because I wanted to try a pose that would give me a chance to really capture Kitsi’s more toned and muscular build and also because I really just want to draw hot girls. And if that’s good enough for Yoko Taro, it’s good enough for me. Anywho… once I finished the drawing, I ended up coming up with a comic idea surrounding it that wasn’t quite worth doing a full thing for so I just decided “FUCK IT! LET’S JUST MAKE THIS A LITTLE COMIC INSTEAD! I DON’T CARE AT THIS POINT! IT’S YOUR BLOG! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT BRO!” So I used it as a chance to also experiment how I do the panel layouts and what not. The method I used actually ended up taking a lot longer than expected as I ended up arranging the panels one at a time as their own individual things as opposed to my usual method of just drawing everything all at once on a slightly larger than average sketchbook page that I half-assedly divided up with a ruler before going over said divisions again in Photoshop. Because of the extra time it ended up taking, it’s probably not going to be a method I change to in the future unless its only for small comics like this one.

Anyways, hope you guys appreciate the butt. That’s all I really wanted to say for now, so until then, I’ll see you next post.

Art Post – Tactical Retreat

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Doc and Dannie's Tactical Retreat

Here’s some more Meldworld art, this time of Dannie and Dr. Strangelove perfecting the art of the tactical retreat. Not really much to this one other than I thought it would be funny to draw. And really, who could want a better reason than comedy? This picture is a little bit different than my usual work on virtue of the fact that I was experimenting with different colored outlines rather than sticking to one uniform color. I think it turned out okay for this particularly picture, but I still haven’t quite decided if its something I want to stick with for other pieces. But that’s mostly what these drawings are for, to give me a chance to try experimenting with various aspects of my art.

Anyways, I’m trying to keep this post short, so until then, I’ll see you next post.