Night Fox – Comic Post #123: A Coincidental Meet-Up

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Look at that, finally back to Alex and Kitsiyuna again… And it only took like what, 2 and a half months? ‘member at the the beginning of the year I said the story would actually pick up the pace…? Boy, did I really miss the number on that now didn’t I? At least Sabrina is back again after having been absent from the comic for well over half a year (I believe the last time she showed up was comic 89…) No news on when Kaz is going to show up again however… That boy is just gonna have to wait his turn I guess…

Anyways, speaking of “story progress”, progress has been a little bit slow in regards to the “novel” I’m writing that’s supposed to tell how Alex and Kitsiyuna actually met. I figured I would’ve had the first chapter done by the time I had this comic posted, but unfortunately me for… I like to procrastinate a little bit too much when it comes to actually writing stuff… While it’s probably not going to be the end of the world that the first chapter isn’t done right now as it’s probably not going to be for another couple of weeks before I actually intended to get everything posted, I still do consider it a bit of a bad omen. To make matters worse, while I’ve been neglecting to write up the novel, I’ve also been neglecting to write up more comic scripts as well… Boy howdy, I’m just on top of things lately aren’t I? Though I guess one positive is that at the very least I have a small buffer of completed comics built up right now, so I do have time to work on writing some more without having to miss an update. That being said, it wouldn’t completely surprise me if at some point in the future I ended up taking a week off again from posting an update so I can give myself more time to get this stuff sorted and properly planned. We’ll just have to wait and see on that front.

At any rate, that’s all I needed to say this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #122: Don’t “Sully” His Name

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I’ve decided that Owen’s shop is just going to be the place where I cram in all of the non-cannon cameos with characters from my other story ideas. So now you’ll know exactly why when a bunch of seemingly important named characters go into Owen’s shop for something completely random only to never show up again in the comic, it’s ’cause it’s only a cameo. I don’t know what it says about me that I think I can get away with including cameos from stories that don’t even currently exist and still call them cameos. Well… possibly that I’m delusional and full of myself, but f**k it! I’mma do it anyway!

But at any rate, this little “cameo” here is actually not completely out of nowhere. I mean, technically it is, but the characters at the very least aren’t… For you see, if you’ve been follow this blog for a while and have actually been paying attention to some of the other stuff I’ve been posting besides the comics (which ya know, I’m guessing odds are you probably haven’t what with the fact that only like 10 people regularly follow this blog), I’ve actually already posted art for all of the characters here already. The following link right here will take you right to that post, as well as some general descriptions of the characters for you to read if you’re the kind of person who feels like reading something like that which again, I’m guessing odds are you probably aren’t… (Nobody actually leaves any comments, so I just have to assume people just look at the pictures and merely skim the actual text…)

Anywho, next week’s comic should be putting us back on track in regards to the story as we’ll finally be going back to Alex and Kitsiyuna! Woooooo….. Not that statistically any of you would probably care all that much… But hey! It’s not like I’m doing this comic for the recognition of an audience! (For now anyways… Once the inspirational well dries up, I’ll take any kind of positive feedback I can get…) But with that said, I’m done for this week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #121: Just A Meaningless Death Pg.4

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This page was actually ready to post last week alongside the last page, but I decided to hold off on doing that because the comic I would’ve been posting today if I done so was taking a lot longer than I anticipated (it’s almost twice the length of one of my regular pages, which was something I didn’t realize when I was writing the script for it). So because I like to have a buffer of at least 1 comic ready by the time I post something, I supposed I ended up “scamming” you guys out of an update. I suppose to make up for it, the next few comics I’m posting are all going to be a little bit longer than the usual ones I’ve been doing, even if that wasn’t my intention at the time of writing the scripts for those (I’ve paying less and less attention to how long I should be making an individual comic lately. Still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing at the moment…)

In other news, I think I have a better understanding of how I’m going to go back and retell the comic’s opening. I’m thinking at this point, I’m just going to write it out as a short story, maybe with a few pictures here and there, but it’s still going to be mostly just words. As to why I’m not going to do it as a comic like I’ve been doing for everything else so far: because in all honesty, it’s going to make everything go so much faster by cutting back the amount of drawing I actually have to do. As to when I’ll start posting this short story, it’s probably not going to be for a couple of months, as I at least want to finish the next story arc with Alex and Kitsiyuna before we get side tracked with another potential story.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all the news I wanted to get out there for this post, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #121: Just A Meaningless Death Pg.3

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Did somebody say “DOUBLE DECAPITATION KILL!?” …No? Oh. Then I must be hearing things again…

Given that freaking “diatribe” that I had just posted yesterday (which took me something like 2 freaking hours to write by the way…), I’m not going to be particularly verbose this update (mostly because I’m typing this up IMMEDIATELY AFTER I finished said diatribe). So I’ll just leave it at that, and I’ll see you all next comic.

Art Post – 3 Year Anniversary

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Night Fox 3rd Anniversary


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this little milestone. I mean, 3 years of doing this comic with only like, what, 4 missed updates at this point is kinda impressive, so I guess I can’t get too disappointed with myself that I’ve been sticking to this for that long… Drawing a comic each week has pretty much become routine at this point. So routine, it almost feels like work for me at this point, which, considering I earn no money through this comic, is maybe not quite where I want to be right now. I guess I should be happy that I still do have a job that is so easy and non-demanding that I can still do this silly webcomic on the side, even if I only earn $100 a week. I guess that’s one reason why I’m not sure how I feel about doing this for 3 years: the amount of time (and I guess energy, though I would be lying if I said this comic was that demanding) I put into this is starting to really feel like it’s just not worth it. In all honesty, it felt like that after my first year of doing this, and I’ve only compounded that feeling by adding 2 more years to that. This was supposed to be something of a passion project for me, and quite frankly, I feel like I lost most of that passion a long time ago. So why keep doing this alleged “passion project” if the passion for it is gone? Well, simply put, this is a story I’ve been creating for years and I want to get it out there in some form or another…

Speaking of story, that brings me to my next point of why I don’t feel so accomplished with this accomplishment: I’m not satisfied with how I’m telling the story. First, if you’ve been reading any of the posts I’ve been doing alongside the comics, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I feel like the plot of the comic has been going rather slow. There are times where I feel like the story is going at a snails pace, but I can’t make it go any faster without having to spend even more time writing and drawing so I can increase my comic output, and I don’t know if I could manage that. I essentially have to play the waiting game with my own story, which is an idea that I just absolutely hate. I could cut all of the filler comics that are just the characters screwing around, but then I would run into the problem of having to constantly think about how the plot is going to move forward from story beat to story beat. The filler is mostly there to give myself some extra time to really think those story beats through. And I feel that I REALLY need that extra time sometimes, as I already procrastinate a lot when it comes to writing. I’m very “particular” about the dialogue, which causes me to overthink the conversations the characters have, and makes me put off writing until the very last minute. Which, yah know, for a writer, is NOT A GOOD THING…

Compounding that issue with the comic’s pacing, is this constant desire I have to go back and redo the comic’s start. Mostly because the comic didn’t even start at the story’s intended beginning… You see. I come up with the premises to stories all the freaking time. I think of characters, and what kind of adventures those characters would get into all of the time… But, because I’m just so damn picky when it comes to my stuff, I can almost never settle on just how the stories even begin, and Night Fox was no exception. Which is why when I did finally scrounge up the courage to get this damn comic started, I just skipped the story’s intended beginning and just started from a point where Alex and Kitsiyuna already knew each other for a few months. I was fine with that decision at the time, because I just wanted to get something out there and stop constantly getting held up by the first hurdle. I thought at the time “There’s no way I’m even going to cover the entire story in this webcomic. I’ll eventually work my way towards my intended medium (which was an animated series at the time) after a couple of years, and then I’ll tell the whole story properly. It’s perfectly fine that I’m skipping the beginning for now…” As of now, I am no longer satisfied with that decision. If I really cared about telling this story, I should at least be able to tell its beginning.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to completely start over with this comic. I only want to temporarily step back, and tell the beginning parts of this story properly, and then go back to where I was originally. How much of the beginning events, I haven’t quite decided at this point. I know I definitely want to tell how Alex and Kitsiyuna formed their Pact, with the lastest story point that I would be willing to go back and cover is the duo meeting Sabrina for the first time. So anywhere between those two points would be fair game. I still need a little more time to plan all of this stuff out, but I’m thinking I’ll have something thought out as to just what the hell I’ll end up doing by the end of the month, or by the end of March if I get particularly held up. I might do it as a comic like I’ve been doing for these 3 years, but I’ve also considering changing things up a bit, and maybe approach it more like a light novel and do it mostly in writing. For now, since I have no definitive plans, we’ll just have to wait and see on that particular front…

With all of that said, I’ll end things here, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #121: Just A Meaningless Death Pg.2

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I’ve been feeling like crap for most of this week on account of allergy season being in full effect for me… I’ve been coughing quite a bit lately, and it REALLY hurts to cough sometimes. Hopefully this won’t end up like last year where I end up suffering from a chronic cough for at least 4 months…. Oh well. At the very least I should be grateful that I’m not actually dying… yet…

In other news, I suppose on the day this is supposed to be posted it’ll be Valentine’s day, which is a holiday I continue to never have anything planned for and as such, don’t actually care about…. so not really sure why I’m bringing it up… Oh well, happy Valentine’s day! May you not live an eternal existence devoid of love and companionship like I have resigned my fate towards… See kids: this is what happens when you hate going out and are too lazy to put yourself out there! You tend not to hook up with anyone as a result!

At any rate, something I do have planned is another anniversary drawing for next Tuesday. It’s going to mark 3 years of me doing this comic, which is honestly coming in as a shock to me. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years. Over 1000 days. Just imagine what I could’ve accomplished if I had spent that time doing something actually important! AhahahahahahahahahahhahahaI’mgoingtoendupwastingmylifeonthisdamncomicaren’tIhahahahahahahaha! …But yeah, anniversary drawing next week. It’s not going to really be anything special, as it was kinda last minute thing for me this year, (I spend far less time thinking about what I should do for it than I did the last 2 years) but at the very least it’s still something. With all of that said, I’m pretty much done here, so until then I’ll see you next comic.