Night Fox – Comic Post #110: The Second Test Pg. 14, 15, and 16

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Well Relnia didn’t last long… I wouldn’t have even added her to the comic were it not for the fact that I really wanted to incorporate the phrase “work the shaft” in while someone was being impaled through the mouth with a spear, and I was already super set on how Judith was going to be killing Char and Greever. Also, I resisted the urge to be super edgy and call Judith’s memory siphoning spell Mind Rape even though that’s like literally what’s she is doing to Char… You know, because until this point, NOTHING in this comic was edgy or try hard AT ALL… Especially the telepathic head explosion that just happened on the proceeding page. Absolutely nothing edgy about that… 😛

Anywho, another multi-pager starting next week. This time, we’re going to be taking a look at what Angel has been doing on her assignment. You know, because people cared about that, and this comic in general… Like I said earlier, it’s not going to be too long of a comic, so we should be able to keep the story moving quicker. And FYI, more expositional comics in the coming weeks, so get ready for S**T TONS OF TALKING! Because that TOTALLY makes for a good comic series…

Anyways, I’m done spouting words, so I’ll just see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #110: The Second Test Pg. 13

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Given the nature of the last 3 pages of the comic, I decided to get them all done ahead of schedule and post them all in one update next week. Spoiler Alert: Judith is going to clean house. And then after that update, it’s going to be another multi-paged comic. I originally wasn’t going to have a multi-pager one after another, but given the fact that that side project I was doing had plot details that were relevant to the main comic, and I just sort of, GAVE UP on the side project… I’m moving that stuff to the main comic and trying to condense the more important story beats to make it quicker to go through in the comic. It definitely is going to be the shortest multi-pager so far, so it shouldn’t take more than 4 updates to finish up, and I’m going to try to have multiple pages ready per update, so hopefully it should be done even faster than that. And with that quick little update out of the way, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #109: It’s A Trap!

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It’s been a little while, but it looks like we’ve got ourselves another fight sequence on our hands. I’m going to say that I have no idea how long this one is going to take, because, though it probably has less pages of script than Alex and Alexis’s fight, it might take longer for me to complete just by virtue of the fact I’ve got the side project that I’ll be doing alongside it. So, there’s a highly likely possibility I won’t be doing two pages a week like the last two times I did this. And unlike the last two fights, I’m not going to be hurrying to finish this one as fast as possible.

Basically, just expect a change to the update schedule and a “slight” decline in terms of art quality for the next few weeks. And by few, I mean at least a month and half, though it could easily end up being more than that…

I do want to apologize in advance if this slogs on for too long, but with how I’ve got everything sort of timed out, I want a majority of the side project done by the time the sequence is actually finished, as it does tie into events in the comic that are going to happen a little bit afterwards.

Anyways, I’m kind of tired at the moment of typing this up (I’m typing this pretty late at night on Sunday because the mood struck me to get this done earlier than usual, despite the fact that I post in the middle of the day on Wednesday.), so I’m just going to end things here. At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #108: All Aboard The Succ-U-Bus

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Two weeks until we’re changing formats again. Just thought I’d give a heads up on that because it usually means a schedule change when it comes to updating. So if comics stop getting posted on Wednesday around 11 AM (Eastern time if you guys haven’t caught on to which side of the country I live on), you’ll know why.

And as for the side project that’s going to be following what Angel’s doing right now in the comic (I know this is the first I flat out said that’s what it was going to be about, but I figured I hinted at that well enough a few comics back), I’m still working on it. I’ve got a bulk of the “asset” creation done. Well… at least the most time consuming parts anyways. I’m now finally starting to put everything together into an actual thing. If you’ve paid attention to some of my older posts, you can probably figure out the nature of what this project is going to be. I’m still not going to flat out reveal what it’s going to be right now because it’s still possible I don’t get it done within a time of it being relevant to the comic’s story, and I don’t want to promise something if I feel like I can’t deliver it in time.

Anyways, I think that’s all I’ve got this week, so until then, I’ll see you guys next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #087: A Scheme From The Shadows

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Another day, another comic that’s pretty much just an expositional word dump… Because I haven’t been doing THAT enough times in the past.

So, my life is still in that constant state of nothing important happening in it, so I’m going to ramble on about the game I played for most of Sunday and Monday to fill in this post’s required ramble quota. I spent about a combined 24 hours playing the newest Tales of game, Tales of Berseria while I was visiting my brother those two days (as he has a PS4, and I don’t). I got nowhere close to beating it, but I still want to give my initial impressions, because why the fuck not?

As someone who has been playing the series since Symphonia, I have to say, so far, Berseria could pretty easily be in the top 5 entries to the series. The story has been pretty damn engaging from the first hour, and the all of the characters have been enjoyable and interesting. The biggest strength of the game’s story I feel, is the fact that it so far has been really different from most typical Tales of stories. You’re not trying to save the world, you’re just trying to get revenge, and damned be anybody who gets in your way. And to make it even more interesting, the guy you’re trying to get revenge on, is more or less viewed as the savior of humanity whom everyone pretty much loves. That really changes up the dynamic of your party, as most of you are murderers and criminals who are pretty much only traveling together because they’re all useful to each other in some way or another. And yet, most of your party still manages to be very sympathetic. You just want them to succeed at what they do because the guys they’re going up against are just the right kind of smug and smarmy “good guys”. The main character, Velvet, in particular, I really feel for, considering the game goes to pretty good lengths to show you how nice and caring of a person she was before the guy she wants to kill royally screwed up her life in order to make the world “better” for everyone else. Her transformation from a sweet village girl who just wanted to look after her younger brother, to a cold uncaring LITERAL monster who devours people with her demonic left hand hellbent on revenge is quite chilling, and really makes her a great main character. Her plight by itself was enough to get me invested into the story. Throw in the rest of the pretty interesting cast, and you’ve got a story that could potentially top the other entries in the series (namely Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia, which I consider the top 3 in no particular order).

As to the actual game play, it uses a system for its combat kind of like Godhand, if you ever played that game, where you learn individual moves that you can assign to certain hits in your attack strings so that you can essentially make your own combos. It’s not my favorite combat system for the series (that would go to Tales of Xillia 2, purely because I’m a sucker for team attacks, which that game has in spades), but I can certainly see some people really enjoying it. The stage that I’m at in the game, I have mostly been able to get by by more or less move spamming, though I have had to use some strategy changes for a couple of the bosses. Though, to be fair, I have been playing on the default difficulty, which I’m sure is pretty lenient when it comes to combat. I think this is also mostly just a result of Velvet being a very beginner friendly character to play as, and I’ve been playing her mostly. Playing as the other characters, you do have to be a little bit more intelligent with your attacks. All in all, the combat is still fun and is still probably among one of the better combat systems the series has had.

There are some problems with the game, but so far, they’re mostly nick picks. The music isn’t particularly memorable, but it isn’t god awful either. The level layouts are kind of bland and very much copy pasted, but that has been a problem with the series since Graces where they kind of stopped caring about how the levels were designed, though on the plus side, making the areas more generic did make them easier and faster to navigate through, so I’ve kind of made my peace with that. I think my biggest problem so far, is that backtracking in this game makes it feel kind of slow at times. I can’t really defend that, as I even found it kind of tedious at points, but it hasn’t ruined the game for me yet.

Overall, despite not having beaten the game yet, I’m fairly confident with my first impressions of the game that it’s a very good game.I think that if you own a PS4, and you like JRPGs, you won’t regret getting this one. And if you’ve never played a Tales of game, don’t worry: aside from a couple of nods here and there to the older games, the story is more or less self contained and has a lot of fairly non-intrusive tutorials for beginners to the series. To summarize all of that: I like the game so far, and if you’re even a quarter of the nerdy weeb I am, you probably won’t regret playing it.

Now that that’s out of the way, the anniversary post is about 85% done at this point. Everything is colored at this point, and I just have to do the shading for 4 of the drawings, with 2 of them now being completely done. I feel safe in saying that I’m probably going to have everything done by the time the anniversary comes around. At any rate, now that I’m done gushing about the latest entry to one of my favorite video game franchises, I’ll see you next comic.

(FUN FACT TIME: Kaz and Tenebrae’s designs were heavily inspired by characters from the Tales of series. Kaz’s design was inspired by Guy from Tales of the Abyss, while Tenebrae was based off of a character with the same name from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Also, I cannot deny the fact that the basic plot of Night Fox has some superficial similarities to Tales of Xillia’s plot, where a male human teenager with black hair teams up with a much older female Spirit with blonde hair to more or less fight crime. Though in my defense, I had the idea for Night Fox as a story well before Xillia or it’s sequel came out, also, I am exaggerating the similarities a little bit, but still, I had a bit of a chuckle about my “lack of originality” when playing Xillia for the first time.)