Night Fox – Comic Post #105: The Grand Entrance

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When I was writing this part of the comic, I originally wasn’t sure what kind of a Spirit to make Cantaros. I just knew I was going to make him wear a kind of domino mask and was going to have super fabulous hair. Well, one day, while I was still in the middle of writing these parts, I was also in the middle of binge watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus again while I was working on the comic. This line in particular had always cracked me up, so I decided to incorporate it into Kitsiyuna’s dialogue while she was decking Cantaros in the face. Then I remembered that I actually had Fairies as one of the 50 some odd races of Spirits in Night Fox that would show up in the comic eventually, and figured that Cantaros being a Fairy just fit perfectly. So thanks Monty Python, you helped influence some of the world building in Night Fox in a fairly indirect way.

In other news, I have completely killed my sleep schedule. Straight up took it behind a shed and double tapped it in the back of the skull. Basically, I’ve been staying up past 3 AM on numerous days of the week while also simultaneously waking up at around 6 in the morning, which you know, most doctors would say is not enough time. Now granted, I don’t think I’m at a risk of exhausting myself or anything, because I pretty much do absolutely nothing with my life (you know, except this comic, but let’s be real here, in the grand scheme of things, it still is pretty much nothing). My only concern is that I do get a tad groggy in the middle of the day as a result, which is usually when I’m trying to do the bulk of my comic work. Whether or not this is going to have an affect on the quality of the comic, we’ll just have to wait and see.

But let’s be real here: the comic can’t get THAT much worse than it already is.

And with that bit of self-deprecation out of the way, I’ll see you next comic.



Night Fox – Comic Post #104: Closeted Thoughts

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Remember, it’s not really offensive if the character saying offensive things is equally offensive to eeeeeeeeeveryone. That’s what we call a loophole bitches!

…Well, not really…

Anyways, another slow week for me news wise. I have been putting a little more attention into getting my side project finished in time once I realized how all over the place I was about working on it. It turns out using a checklist really helps keep you focused on specific areas of work you want to get done in a timely manner. There you go, a free lifehack for all of you. Use a checklist every once in a while. Who’d have thunk that helps, right? At any rate, I’m trying not to force myself into writing a lot of stuff for these blog posts if I don’t have anything to really say, so I’ll just stop for now, and see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #103: Feeling Classy

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So aside from me moderately wrecking my sleep schedule by staying up past 2 AM and waking up at 7 in the morning multiple times last week, not much special has been going on with me. I am getting ready for another “format change” to the comic that’s going to be happening in a little over 2 months. Now, what do I mean by a format change? …Well, let’s just say I’ve done this crap twice before to less than optimal results in my own opinion. I’m hoping that the third time is going to be the charm this time and it will turn out just a little bit better. The pessimist in me is thinking that that’s probably not going to be the case, but hey, a guy can dream.

In other news, I’m slowly working on that side project still. I’m sort of all over the place with it at the moment in regards to what I’m getting done, which makes it feel like I’m not actually getting any closer to finishing it. I still have a couple of months before I consider it past deadline, so hopefully I can actually get to focus on the individual aspects of the project and get them done one by one so that I can actually finish it in time. I really hope I don’t end up dropping the ball on it, but it still feels like that could be a possibility…

That’s pretty much all I want to say for now, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – 2 Year Anniversary

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Here’s to 2 years of Night Fox! And now, a little bit of introspection:

When I first started this comic, I began with some very lofty aspirations for how it would go, and how popular it would end up getting. Looking where I’m at right now currently… I have to say, back then, I was very naive and I needed to have my expectations tempered.

I had drawn comics before in my spare time all throughout high school, though I think I had been drawing comics all the way back as early as elementary school. Anyways, they were never anything all too special, and my drawing capabilities were extremely lacking back then compared to now, but when I showed them to my friends, they were usually pretty impressed and I got a fair amount of laughs out of the jokes I had made. I got content with the mild praise I got for my comics in high school, and just sort of didn’t really do anything else with them once I graduated. I went onto community college immediately after the summer I graduated, where I hit a few speed bumps. All of the friends I had gotten over the years of attending public school just sort of, went away. I only stayed in contact with 1 or 2 of them for maybe a semester before I sort of gave up contacting them. My fellow classmates in college were more or less all strangers to me at that point. It was because of that, that I sort of lost my drive to do any more comics for a while, because after all, I didn’t have any friends to show them off to, so why bother?

From there, I took a 9 month break from community college after a semester and a half to go attend a “special” trade school of sorts. When I first started taking classes in college, I didn’t really have much of a focus for what I wanted to end up doing (I mostly wanted to just keep doing art related stuff, but I knew I was probably never going to get money doing that), so my mom said I should learn at least some kind of practical skill to make it easier to get a job, which is why I went to the trade school until I could sort those things out. It was the first time I had lived away from home, and it is there that I tried my hand at learning computer repair. The only problem was, living at that school was the worst experience of my life. I hated my roommates and most of the other students. The only people I got along with were the other people in the computer repair program, but they weren’t enough to make me feel like I wasn’t rotting away at that place. So I tried to finish up my program there as fast as I could. What resulted was that I learned enough to pass the program, but not enough to actually do computer repair properly. I did managed to get certified, but I had so little confidence in my abilities, that I never ended up doing anything with that certification. It was 9 months pretty much wasted at a school that felt more like a prison at times, and to make matters worse: I still didn’t know what I wanted to do once I went back to attending community college again.

Thankfully, some of my initial hang ups with community college went away once I got back. For starters, I didn’t have to walk 30 minutes to get to my classes any more, because I was able to get my driver’s license and a car. My older brother had also ended up moving back in after he got fed up with living in Florida, so it wasn’t just me and my mom anymore back at home. More importantly, with my brother moved back in, I finally had someone else to bounce comic ideas off of again. I eventually settled into the course I had first picked when attending college, as I saw it was pretty much the best option for me, that course being Graphic Design. I had gotten a lot more comfortable talking to my other classmates, so I didn’t feel the need to keep to myself in my classes any more. And as a result, I wasn’t as nervous showing people stuff I had been drawing. I wasn’t as good as I am now (and right now, I’m not too afraid to admit I’m still pretty average), but my drawings were good enough to them to earn me some praise. A lot of people said that I should start posting stuff online. I knew that was logically the next step, but I still didn’t feel ready for that at that point.

I dragged my feet for a couple of months on the idea of getting a presence online, but I never really acted on it until eventually I was required to start a blog for one of my classes. If you had been following the comic from the beginning, you’d know that that class blog would eventually transform into this one. It might not have been as idle of a start as I had wanted, but in the end, I had finally gotten myself to post some of my artwork online. I started off bright eyed and beaming about the possibility of my comic being able to reach so many people, but, as I stated earlier, I set my expectations way too high.

The comic did not really take off all that fast, and I didn’t actually have any idea how to do a web comic in the slightest. I didn’t have an optimal setup for how to arrange the panels, or how to set up the speech bubbles, and I never saved the files in a web-friendly resolution, so the comics ended up being massive. I used to, and still do, make a lot of typos that I only end up catching after I finish uploading things. And I still cannot nail a consistent look for the comic, having changed the general layout and how much detail  I put into the comics at least 4 times (ie, whether or not I do backgrounds, whether or not I do shading, or even whether or not I just do everything in pencil). In those first 2 years, there were so many times that I just wanted to give up on the whole thing, because it just felt so pointless as nobody was even reading the thing, with there being stretches of entire months where it seemed like even the people who were following the blog had stopped bothering. And to be perfectly honest, there are still times where I want to just give up on the whole thing now. But at least now, if I decided to give up, it would only be so that I could start over again now that I have some idea of how to actually make a web comic.

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t think I’ll end up truly giving up on doing a comic online. I’ll only end up stopping so that I can do it better my next go. And sure, while things have been slow, and nobody leaves any comments to tell me what they like or don’t like about the comic, at least I’m still getting likes, and still getting new people following the blog, which tells me at least people are reading. As slow as the pace that I’m going is, I’m still getting followers each month, and even if it’s only one person a month, it still enough for me. I also still get really excited and happy whenever I get just a single like. The knowledge that someone still wants to read my comic is what truly makes me happy about doing this. And while I’m not sure how reliable WordPress’s stats are, I can still tell I’m growing, and not just stagnating into obscurity. After my first year, I only had 52 likes, and maybe some 10 followers. Now, as of typing this, I’ve gotten 169 likes and 39 followers. It’s not a huge increase over the first year, but it definitely is an improvement, and it’s all thanks to you guys.It can take a long time to build yourself up, but so long as things keep going at this rate, sooner or later, I think Night Fox can get there. You just have to remember, pretty much everything started off with a humble beginning…

Anyways, I feel like I said most of what I wanted to say, so until then, I’ll see you next post.



Night Fox – Comic Post #077: Behavioral Observation

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News wise, the only thing I have to talk about really is the new Pokemon games… So I guess I’ll ramble on about that for a little bit…

I was playing Moon, and managed to beat it in about 4 days of playing it (I more or less cleared an island per day), which isn’t too surprising I guess as it was pretty much the only thing I was doing over the weekend. I have to say, while I do like a lot of things they did with the game, like a lot of the quality of life changes they did to stuff like HMs and memorizing the type chart, and especially what they ended up doing story wise, the general approach that GameFreak has been taking with the franchise with this game (and to the same extent, what they did with X and Y) by laser focusing on the nostalgia factor of Gen I might ultimately make me just give up on the series if the next generation isn’t capable of standing on its own (like how Gen V and III did things), or at the very least, adds a bunch of ACTUAL evolutions (none of this Mega Evolution, Z-Move, or Alolan Form stuff that are all kind of under developed) for older Pokemon that really need them (like what they did in Gen IV). Also, the SOS Battle mechanic is a fat load of BS. It’s completely random, makes it a pain to capture wild Pokemon, and made random encounters take way longer than they needed to a lot of the time. Why they couldn’t have stuck with something like the DexNav from ORAS to find Pokemon with hidden abilities is beyond me.What’s more, they’re a terrible replacement for Hoard Battles in regards to EV training Pokemon quickly. Still, credit where credit is due, they did at least make breeding much easier to do by making it easier to bulk hatch eggs… Two steps forward, and one step back I guess…


But yeah… I still think the game is worth playing, and if you’re not a long time player like I am, it will probably be that much better game to you. Might not be the best game to start with though if you’re new to the franchise, as it is definitely the hardest game in the series that I’ve played recently (Trainers use actual strategies and aren’t completely braindead! Who knew?). X and Y, or ORAS I would say are better places to start if you’ve never played a Pokemon game before.

Anyways, the post game for Moon might still end up occupying my time for the foreseeable future, so if the updates slow down, you’ll understand why: POOR TIME MANAGEMENT. At any rate, that’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about right now for the time being (I didn’t actually have to go in for jury duty, so I have nothing to really talk about there). So until then, I’ll see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #076: Filling Out The Shopping List

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So Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out this Friday, a game which I intend to play religiously… If the updates just sort of start to “fall off” around that point, that’s probably going to be the reason why. I just want to say in advance that if that is the case, I regret nothing…

Anyways, I managed to avoid jury duty do far this week, which I consider a positive. I’ve also managed to muster up the willpower to type up some more comic scripts, which on a personal level, I find to be absolutely astounding… seeing as I generally procrastinate writing scripts until I have literally run out of them and have to have one ready for next week’s update. I’m not too worried about me losing my desire to keep working on the comic however… Motivation for me usually comes in cycles. I start off super eager and want to get as much done as I can. Then, a few weeks later, I would literally rather do actually nothing and be bored out of my mind than do something productive that eases the boredom. And then, I end up finding SOMETHING that manages to spark my interest again and I get fired up and ready to continue working. So basically, just have to wait for that spark of inspiration to keep me going.

At anyrate, I’m thinking I might “supplement” my comic posts with some of the other drawings I’ve been doing as I procrastinate doing comic work. I do feel like I should have something to show for all that time I waste. With all of that being said, I think I’m done here, and I’ll see you next comic.

Night Fox – Comic Post #075: Totally Not Flirting

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I like how when I first introduced Owen, it was at the beginning of the year as part of the New Years post I did. I remember saying that hopefully he would actually get to make his first proper appearance sometime this year. Not counting the two “filler” comics I did with him, I did not realize how freaking close to the cut off I was getting in that regard when his first proper in comic appearance wasn’t until November… And that is why I don’t plan on doing anymore long ass story arcs that will take more than 8 months to complete… (He says as he’s right in the middle of writing one that is probably going to go on until next year…)

Anywho, not much news wise. I may have to end up reporting for jury duty in the near future, but whether or not I actually have to has yet to be seen. Fingers crossed I don’t. Because even though I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, I know real life court proceedings are nowhere near as fun and entertaining as Capcom makes them out to be. At anyrate, I’m sure I’ll have some more actual news updates next week, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.