Night Fox – Comic Post #092: Think Of The Possibilities

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Nothing to really say this week (again), so I’ll just see you next comic.

(I have a feeling this is going to a running pattern the next couple of updates…)


Night Fox – Comic Post #088: Rectification

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Hooray! More villain shenanigans! A couple more comics like these, and it just might start to feel like there’s an actual threat to our main characters! …At some point…

And, in case you’re wondering why Ripper’s head “juices” aren’t red, it’s because he doesn’t have any blood inside of him. And because there’s no blood, that makes his entire head being crushed like an apple completely okay and family friendly! …Right…?

Also, more hand puns and a skeleton who can blink, but that’s besides the point…

Now we’re finally moving onto the one-off comic territory for a little bit now, so I do have to remind myself to be a little bit more on top of writing up scripts than I usually am… Which, knowing me, is probably not going to really happen, but hey, I can dream. At least I’m still on the ball with the anniversary picture: I just have 1 more drawing to finish the shading on, and then I’ll have the whole thing finished. So hey, still good on that front.

Anyways. this week’s been another slow one for me (As of typing this, I haven’t gotten another chance to play Tales of Berseria again, which makes me sad ;_; because I REALLY want to continue the story!), so I don’t have really anything else to say, so until then, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – Happy Halloween

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Here’s the quote on quote Halloween picture I said I was going to do… I realized as I was doing this, that if you have a bunch of characters who are members of the undead who make up your web comic’s cast… You don’t really have to try too hard to stick them into a Halloween themed drawing. Sure, I could’ve made it a little more on point by adding a jack-o-lantern to the background or something… But I’m lazy with backgrounds and kinda of hate doing them, so I used something I got off of Google as a basis and modified it to better match the picture. Still, even though I edited the background to make it a whole heck of a lot less detailed and fairly hard to recognize in comparison to the original picture, credit where credit is due. (They’re a heck of a lot more talented than me, that’s for sure, so they deserve the recognition)

Anyways, I chose to not use and Alex and Kitsiyuna for this one and decided I should let my antagonist get a chance to be shown off for once. I figured that a witch/necromancer and her skeletal minion would be appropriate enough for the holiday, so I went and drew Shira with a witch’s hat and Styx without his face being covered up for the picture.

And yes, in case you couldn’t tell from the comics, Styx is supposed to be a skeleton. I was going to show that off at the end of Comic 67, but I sort of rewrote how the aftermath of that fight went down so I didn’t really have a chance to show that off. Styx was originally going to actually reveal himself to everyone as the guy responsible for creating the Poltergeist and tell Alex that his boss was interested in recruiting him, but I padded the ending to the fight up to that point so that it would end after I did exactly 100 pages. So, in order to move the story along, I just decided to cut that bit and save the reveal of his face for another time… which I suppose is right now… Anyways, that change to the story has made me decide to change how Shira is going to approach attempting to recruit Alex. She’s going to be sly and cunning about it instead of using a more direct approach I was originally going to have her use. Because of this change, her actions are going to be more subtle in how they affect Alex and Kitsiyuna. Which in turn, I feel is going to allow me to have her show up a bit more frequently in the comic with her scheming than I originally was planning. I actually wrote her into the next story arc because of that. So there you have it: Some useless trivia that none of you guys probably cared to know!

At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy the drawing and enjoy the holiday. (Though, I’m sure most of the people who would be reading the comic would be just a little bit past the age where it’s okay for them to be trick-or-treating, so not as much to enjoy at that point…) With all of that, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #8

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Shira Coloring

Name: Shira, the Wight Queen

In order to get a better understanding of Shira, you first have to get a grasp on the race of Spirit she belongs to. Shira is classified as a kind of Spirit called a Wightling, which are characterized as pale skinned Humanoid Spirits with dark markings all over their bodies that glow when they’re using magic. These markings help Wightlings gather Spirit Energy more efficiently than most other races, and as such, many Wightlings go around wearing clothing that keep most of these markings still exposed, so as to not hamper their superior ability to channel Spirit Energy.

Throughout the Spirit World, there are many different races of Spirits who are each good at different kinds of magic. As far as Wightlings are concerned, they are considered THE BEST when it comes to Spell Casting, with there not being a single school of Magic they’re incapable of using. But that’s just taking into account magic that they aren’t naturally gifted at. You see, Wightlings are masters of Necromancy and Soul Manipulation. There isn’t a single Spell in the entire craft of Necromancy that a Wightling cannot learn and master, and their inherent understanding of how Souls function are what enable them to be such potent Spell Casters in the first place. And Shira, as the Wight Queen, is considered to be the most powerful Necromancer among all of the Wightlings in the Spirit World. While there are still a few Spirits in un-populated areas of the Spirit World who may not have heard of her or her title, there is not a single Wightling out there who hasn’t heard of her skills.

She’s so powerful, that she can even give the Reaper’s a run for their money. While she’s always careful to avoid doing anything overtly illegal to the point where she would bring down the wrath of the entirety of the Reaper forces on her, she still has had run-ins with them, and she has always come out on top. It suspected that just a single one of her Undead servants is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with all but the most elite Reaper Officers. And if she runs into a Reaper her servants can’t handle? She goes and deals with them herself.

Not much is known about Shira, as the only people known to know her personally are her Undead servants. That being said, the Reapers have been able to piece together a vague picture of her based off of reports they have on her activities and behavior. It is estimated that she at least has some degree of respect for the Reaper’s and their laws, as she doesn’t actively go out of her way to go and antagonize them, and she only kills members of their ranks when they actively get in her way. That is one thing that she will not tolerate though, and that is people getting in her way, as when something decides to stand between her, and something she wants, or even just slightly fancies, she has been shown to hold absolutely no mercy when dealing with what obstacle is facing her.

It is in situations like these where she will not tolerate failure, and has been known to destroy her own servants when they mess up, so as to bring her other ones more in line. It is this kind of behavior that has caused her to develop a sort of god complex at times, leading her to believe that she may be a sort of reincarnation of one of the fabled “Deity Spirits” that legends say mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago. Of course, whether or not her belief in that is actually true, top Magic Researchers within the Spirit World have deemed something like reincarnation to be, “almost certainty physically impossible considering what is known about how the Soul works”. Still, delusions aside, Shira is still a Spirit whose good graces you should try to stay in by any means possible, lest she decide she doesn’t want to put up with your antics and destroy you.

Of course, Shira’s personally history is an even bigger mystery to most people. The only thing that can be said for sure is that Shira was probably a Human first before she died and became a Spirit, owed to the fact that she is a Spirit with very Human characteristics, a feature that usually only occurs in Naturally-Born Spirits when one of their parents was Human at some point. Based off of reports the Reapers have gathered, her Spirit form is estimated to only be around 320 years old, which is very young for a Spirit of her power. It is suspected that her cause of death when she was Human may have been that she had been burned to death as a witch, as the estimated time frame for her death matches up with the Witch Trails. One interesting thing of note, is that there have been reports of a Wight Queen from before this time period that have been verified to have no connection to Shira. This has lead to the possibility that Shira might have inherited the title of the Wight Queen from another Spirit. Though, whether she killed the previous Wight Queen, or the title was merely passed down, is unknown.

So, what about Shira’s actually role within the story? Well, she wants to form a Pact with Alex so that she can use him as her Spiriter (what the Human is called in Pact between a Human and Spirit). She suspects that with Alex in her control, she will be able to make him into the strongest Spiriter the world has ever known, and that the two of them together would be an unstoppable powerhouse. For what purpose she either wants, or needs that kind of power, cannot be said for certain. The only thing that can said, is that she will stop at nothing to claim Alex as hers, even if that means she has to destroy Kitsiyuna in the process of claiming him. It is for that reason, that Shira should be considered a top level threat to both Alex and Kitsiyuna when the duo crosses inevitably crosses paths with her.


Night Fox – Comic Post #067: The Paper Spirit Pg.14

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If you count up all of the individual pages for this and comic 54 as separate comics, then we’ve officially reached 100 COMICS! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

…Anyways, we’re finally done with the fight now, and this little story arc (FINALLY). You can expect the regular update schedule again, starting next week. In the meantime, I’m going to try to avoid writing really long story arcs like this one for a little while, so that I don’t end up locking myself into these long stories where I rarely get to change the pace of the comic. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do a lot of one off comics, but at the very least, when a comic leads directly into the next one, I’ll try to avoid that going on for about 10 months at a time…

Also, we’ve got ourselves an actual antagonist now. Of course, I’m saying this with the knowledge of the comics I’m going to be making for the next couple of weeks, that she’s probably not going to actually show in within the story for a little while… Kind of a tease in that regard I know… I do know how the encounter with her is going to play out, it’s just I know the characters are not at the right place in the story for what I have planned at moment, so that’s going to have to wait…Still, I’m planning a bio for her right now, which I’m going to post sometime over the weekend. It’s going to be a little bit more informative than usual, as it’s actually going to have some world building in it. That’s something I need to get in the habit of doing, sticking some of the world building outside of the comic, so that that way, I don’t have to have everyone spouting exposition all the freaking time. But yeah, that’s definitely going to go up before the next comic, so that’s something else you can look forward to after (I do get more likes on average when I post things that aren’t my comic after all…)

At any rate, if I think of anymore news to tell you guys, I’ll just post it in a different update, so until then, I’m done here, and I’ll see you guys next comic.

Art Post – Let The Art Continue!

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Good news everyone! The monitor for my desktop is now officially dead (at least to me it is)! How is that good news? Well, it’s not really…

But me getting my laptop set up with the software necessary for me to continue editing the comic is! Yes, I finally decided to just say fuck it to the desktop, and moved all the necessary stuff to my laptop. The only complication was getting the Adobe software I use fro comic editing to actually work on my laptop without it saying my verification doesn’t match. Thankfully, it was still possible to download a free version of all the Adobe CS2 stuff. Though all of that is 7 years old at this point, it still saved a lot of heartache for me in the process.

Now onto comic news: I was actually able to get the 1st of the final 4 pages done fairly quickly. So, you can probably expect me to upload the last 4 pages on around the 13th or 14th. Are you guys excited? I am, because I can finally get the story to move on from this long ass story arc.

Anyways, I bet you’re wondering who the picture is supposed to be of. Well, that is the Wight Queen, a character we’ll be getting a better look at towards the end of those last couple of pages. And just who is the Wight Queen exactly? What’s her story? Her personality? Her plans and ambitions? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

At any rate, this update was mostly just to let you guys know that the comics are officially back on again and to give a preview of the next character whose bio I’ll be covering later. I guess with all of that out of the way, I’ll see you next post.